Now it’s clear! General Electric profiting big off drone manufacturing, Ed Schultz called out then threatens to send drone to attack her (Video)

ed-schultz-fatboyNow I understand why Obama loves drones so much. It makes his sugar daddies at General Electric a lot of money. Ed Schultz of course has to protect the only network who would be stupid enough to pay him to spout his propaganda. So when challenged by a female caller named Terry in Los Angeles about what a hypocrite Schultz is for supporting the drone program, Ed Schultz did his usual misogynistic schtick, laughing at her, and even threatening to send a drone to ‘take her out.’

Do you find Schultz funny? I don’t. Could you imagine if a Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin told a caller he didn’t agree with on his radio show that he would send a drone to her house to ‘take her out’ what the media coverage would be? Could you imagine NOW going absolutely batsh*t crazy calling for the firing of a Limbaugh or Levin if they acted this way to a female caller? But it’s just Ed Schultz being Ed Schultz, a typical figurehead of NBC News and MSNBC so move along, nothing to see here.

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