Now it’s clear! General Electric profiting big off drone manufacturing, Ed Schultz called out then threatens to send drone to attack her (Video)

ed-schultz-fatboyNow I understand why Obama loves drones so much. It makes his sugar daddies at General Electric a lot of money. Ed Schultz of course has to protect the only network who would be stupid enough to pay him to spout his propaganda. So when challenged by a female caller named Terry in Los Angeles about what a hypocrite Schultz is for supporting the drone program, Ed Schultz did his usual misogynistic schtick, laughing at her, and even threatening to send a drone to ‘take her out.’

Do you find Schultz funny? I don’t. Could you imagine if a Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin told a caller he didn’t agree with on his radio show that he would send a drone to her house to ‘take her out’ what the media coverage would be? Could you imagine NOW going absolutely batsh*t crazy calling for the firing of a Limbaugh or Levin if they acted this way to a female caller? But it’s just Ed Schultz being Ed Schultz, a typical figurehead of NBC News and MSNBC so move along, nothing to see here.

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  • cristo52

    Do you think the libtards will ever understand that MSNBC and CNN are both about making money for the 1%? And that they are big supporters of – Guess Who? Bambi!

  • Fred

    At one point, GE was J.P. Morgan Jr’s baby. Maybe it still is – haven’t checked.

    It’s also interesting to note that the same J.P. Morgan Jr. makes MILLIONS off of the EBT cards for welfare recipients.

    Is it any wonder Obama does things that put MORE people on welfare and loves drones so much? They both allow J.P. Morgan and company to profit in major ways.

    This is what the elite have always done – profit off of the misery of others, whether they’ve supported wars or started them, the goal is to make money and lots of it.

    This is what they do and they do it well.

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