Shhh. Don’t tell the media, but Obama gives Palestinians half a billion ($500 million) of our tax dollars

obama-muslim-turbanObama is really throwing our money around to Muslim countries. He doesn’t have to worry as the corrupt lap dog media in this country wouldn’t bother covering it. He gave $200 million of our tax dollars to Jordan. Wants $150 million for ‘upgrades’ at Gitmo that was supposed to be closed by now. Now, he’s given the Palestinians (Hamas) $500 million (half a billion) of our tax dollars. All of this comes on the heels of giving Egypt all that money and 20 F-16 fighter jets and tanks. Tell me again how the sequester is so bad and that how we have to cut ANY jobs in this country again. Tell me again why 6th graders are locked out of the White House for tours. Obama tosses around $850 million of our tax dollars like it’s monopoly money, yet no one except some conservatives seem to care.

If keeping the White House open costs the government $74,000 a week as reported, then the money going to the Palestinians could keep the White House open for 6,756 weeks or 129 years.

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  • Ed Darrell

    Tell you again why the White House tours were stopped? GOP insisted on across-the-board cuts. White House tours are among the most expendable actions the executive branch has, and among the most expendable White House functions.

    Aid to Palestine? Yeah, Congress voted for that. It comes out of a different budget, and in the recent Continuing Resolution GOP still refuses to allow Obama to take money from the State Department appropriations bill to fund White House tours — not to mention that the tours don’t cost $500 million.

    Are you gullible, or just playing your gullible readers?