Greg Gutfeld destroys Canadian Jim Carrey and ‘Cold-Dead-Hand’: ‘Most Pathetic Tool on Face of the Earth & I Hope His Career Is Dead’ (Video)

square-large-looneyHere we go again. Another overrated, foreign actor (Canadian Jim Carrey) is mocking those who support second amendment rights with a stupid video called Cold Dead Hand. I don’t watch The Five, but I do watch Red Eye and of course like Greg Gutfeld. Today, Gutfeld went off on Jim Carrey and his stupid Cold Dead Hand video saying this of Carrey:

‘Most Pathetic Tool on Face of the Earth & I Hope His Career Is Dead’

He still has a career? I haven’t seen Carrey in anything note-worthy since In Living Color and Ace Ventura. Personally, I thought Jim Carrey’s career died 15 years ago. Oh, and btw, this Canadian idiot has body guards who carry live ammo. Kthxbye.

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