Just another reason to like Rand Paul – Ann Coulter hates him (Video)

ann-coulter-hackAnn Coulter whined on Hannity (again) about Rand Paul. She doesn’t like him because ‘He’s Not Our Candidate,’ He Wants ‘Legal Pot And Amnesty For Illegals’ something. This is from the same Ann Coulter who had her (whatever) firmly attached to Chris Christie’s belly for all of 2012. I realize there will never be the perfect candidate. I may not agree with Rand Paul and everything, but if I had a chance to vote for Rand Paul, or one of Coulter’s preferred establishment GOP hacks like Christie, i’d vote Rand Paul in a heartbeat. Could has jumped the shark as far as I’m concerned. I still love her books, but as a pundit, she’s as relevant these days as a box of rocks. Time for her to pen another book: ‘My love affair with the fat man named Chris.’

As far as pot legalization goes, I’m on the fence on that issue. Obviously, I’m against amnesty in any form, but with the worthless RINOs in the Senate and the House, it’s probably just a matter of time before some sort of amnesty passes.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=569915776 Lloyd Ritchey

    If you’re against ending prohibitionist laws, perhaps you should read up on our last experiment with prohibition to see how well that worked, and what came about as a result.

    Recognize this as truth: thinking you know how better people should live their lives is a Progressive core belief.

  • http://www.facebook.com/benstraughn Ben Straughn

    You can’t be a true fiscal conservative and be pro aggressive drug laws. Pretty much every kind of chart or statistic you look at will tell you we have not been successful in doing anything to fight drug use except spend a lot of money.

    Not to mention it’s used as the cover for the very ugly relationship between state/local governments and private prisons. There are more and more with contracts that require that there MUST be a minimum amount of people in prison at a certain time.