Hypocite Jim Carrey goes nuts from criticism about his armed body guard on twitter – mostly all caps rant ‘reasonable people’

square-large-looneySo now that it’s public knowledge that hypocrite Canadian Jim Carrey has armed body guards, he’s getting pounded about his hypocrisy on social media. On Twitter, Carrey lost it and tweeted a nearly all caps response about ‘reasonable people’ and how his body guards don’t carry guns that shoots ‘a hundred rounds.’ Of course with Carrey’ body guards being being trained professional, why would they need extra ammo to protect him in the first place? Not everyone is as lucky as Carrey to be able to afford trained professional to protect them. Judging by Carrey’s rant on Twitter, he seems like he’s ready to explode. Someone should check his mental condition and make sure he’s stable and able to deal with armed body guards. Dude sounds a bit like Adam Lanza these days.

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