Charlotte and Harriet Childress for Washington Post – White Men have much to discuss about mass shootings or something

barrelofgunCharlotte Childress and Harriet Childress have done what the left does best and what the Washington Post is known for. Blame evil whitey for the recent gun massacres. The Washington Post describes Charlotte and Harriet Childress are researchers and consultants on social and political issues. They of course leave out what kind of social and political issues (ie: radical leftist.) These identical twins are also co-authors of “Clueless at the Top: While the Rest of Us Turn Elsewhere for Life, Liberty, and Happiness, on outdated hierarchies in American culture.” According to these two sisters, it’s all the white man’s fault for the recent massacres. These are the two twins who blame evil whitey:

Charlotte and Harriet Childress

Yep, white themselves. Apparently, it’s all the white man’s fault to these two ‘ladies’ for gun violence in this country. Nearly every paragraph from their article blames whitey for the gun problems. The article, much like most Washington Post/Leftist crap is more of the liberal guilt BS. Of course, these two also ignore the 500+ killed last year in Chicago by gangbangers (who aren’t white.) They also ignore the various killings by gangbangers and drug dealers in other cities around the country who generally aren’t white.

If you are up for good laugh, read the article for yourself.

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  • Bob Mulroy

    If you’re a white guy, you can get all the way through Grad school by feigning self-lothing and guilt.
    As my Daddy used to tell me, “Just out-Chomsky the f^*kers!”

  • Lawrence Mayo

    Yeah, all those white men mass murderers, like Jiverly Wong, Eduardo Scencion, Chai Vang, Sueng Chi Ho, Omar Shariff Thornton, Jennifer San Marco, Colin Ferguson, Nidal Malik Hasan, and Jing Hua Wu .
    Oh, wait.

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