Your tax dollars work: Labor Department wasting $26 million helping juvenile delinquents get jobs, pass background checks

down-gradeAre you are law abiding teenager with no blemishes on your record and want to get a job? Sorry, Obama regime isn’t interested in helping you. Instead, you need to be a juvenile delinquent so you can join the “Face Forward” program which receives government grants to support job-training and skills-development to help people ages 16-24 with juvenile arrest records.

Groups receiving the grant money must collaborate with nonprofit legal services to expunge offenders’ court records; or those groups must be designated as “diversion” programs by the juvenile justice system. Pre-trial diversion allows people to avoid criminal convictions.

Participating juveniles cannot have been involved with the adult federal, state or local criminal justice systems or have been convicted of a sex-related offense other than prostitution.

Otherwise, dive right in!

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