Here we go – CNN Wolf Blitzer blames anti-tax group or tea party for Boston Marathon explosion

Seems there is no video to confirm Wolf Blitzer blamed an anti-tax group or the tea party for the Boston Marathon bombings. Instead, there’s a video of Blitzer the hack speculating it happened because it was Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts or something.

CNN security adviser Peter Bergen did speculate the attack could be from ‘right-wing extremists‘ later in the day.

Come on. Can’t even the media hacks stop the political BS for just a few hours while we pray for the people and victims of the bombings in Boston at the Marathon? Already, CNN leftist hack Wolf Blitzer is blaming ‘anti-tax’ groups or in other words the Tea Party for the explosions at the Boston Marathon. I’ll post video as soon as it comes out. Go F*ck Yourself Wolf Blitzer and CNN. Seriously!

Blizter blaming the Tea Party for the Boston Marathon bombings? Seriously? Kind of like Brian Ross blaming the Tea Party for the James Holmes killings. Same sh*t, new day.

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