Here we go – CNN Wolf Blitzer blames anti-tax group or tea party for Boston Marathon explosion

Seems there is no video to confirm Wolf Blitzer blamed an anti-tax group or the tea party for the Boston Marathon bombings. Instead, there’s a video of Blitzer the hack speculating it happened because it was Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts or something.

CNN security adviser Peter Bergen did speculate the attack could be from ‘right-wing extremists‘ later in the day.

Come on. Can’t even the media hacks stop the political BS for just a few hours while we pray for the people and victims of the bombings in Boston at the Marathon? Already, CNN leftist hack Wolf Blitzer is blaming ‘anti-tax’ groups or in other words the Tea Party for the explosions at the Boston Marathon. I’ll post video as soon as it comes out. Go F*ck Yourself Wolf Blitzer and CNN. Seriously!

Blizter blaming the Tea Party for the Boston Marathon bombings? Seriously? Kind of like Brian Ross blaming the Tea Party for the James Holmes killings. Same sh*t, new day.

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  • Stepping On Shadows

    People like him will make their own statements a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • Playtrombone64

    Wolf Blitzer is just another lap dog of Obama and Biden.

    • Yar

      I say wolf blitzer made and set off the bombs!

  • Trish

    He has got to be mental to be blaming anyone while people are suffering. Liberalism is truly a menal disease. Pray for those who lost their lives, their families and those so terribly injured.

    • BH

      Yeah, never mind people like Erik Rush blaming the eviiil moooslems yet again. Must just be those libs.

      • Eric McKendree

        Yeah, well Erik Rush can go f*k himself too. They both need to be fired.

      • jrogersp

        Well aren’t they the ones that are always blowing people up?

    • Michael Portner

      I guess they shouldn’t be allowed to have guns

    • rickreason

      and you’ve got to be mental, pulling out your best right-left political cliches before the blood has been clean from the streets. YOU are the problem. I love how all you retards get your panties in a wad over something the man DID NOT say! you will believe anything if it fits into your mythical fantasies – no facts necessary. Get a life and stop being such an obnoxious, clueless, blowhard.

  • HowdyNeighbor2

    Wolf Blitzer needs to retire. I hope the Tea Party sues him.

    • Enough

      I agree and have been telling the Tea Party via Facebook and other GOP to Sue a long time ago..This Has To Be The Last Straw!!!

    • James Hay

      No He Needs To Be Hung For Treason Along With Obama And Members Of His Criminal Regime.

    • rickreason

      “Patriots Day” has zero to do with the tea party. you are truly stupid

      • HowdyNeighbor2

        The bombing had nothing to do with the tea party. I agree. Wolf Blitzer is stupid.

        • rickreason

          go back to the top of this page and notice even the author has back tracked on the silly idea that anyone said jack shit about the baggers being involved but you’re reaction to is to double down on the stupidity? typical bagger

          • HowdyNeighbor2

            And, you’re a typical liberal who is forced to resort to childish name-calling because you can’t think of anything intelligent to say.

  • Kim Emmerich

    They need to fire, Wolf Blitzer as soon as their CNN executive Headquarters, know about ,AND CAN MAKE AN INTELLIGENT DECISION!…

    • James Gragg

      Now there’s the “problem” with your statement; You’re assuming that CNN HAS any “intelligence” to be ABLE to make any such “decisions.”

    • razberry shus

      it was the tea party for sure

    • Brian E. Trumpower

      But Fox ‘News’ can say accuse anyone for anything, and you’re fine with that?

      • richard

        please show some examples of your statement mr. trumpower

        • Brian E. Trumpower

          There is even a website dedicated to it. fox news lies dot net. How’s THEM apples?

      • NayK

        Fox News has stated that they WILL NOT report anything, unless they know it to be a true fact! What is the other Lame Stream Media doing?? We already know what CNN and MSNBC are doing!

        • Brian E. Trumpower

          True Fact + Fox News is a complete paradox.

          • Pad Dar

            What are your thoughts on the Bolshevik media run by Obama?

      • Debbie Lynn Meents-Aman

        Fox is reporting news, not assumptions, and does it respectfully without the MSM hatred spewed throughout!!

        • Brian E. Trumpower

          Sorry, what flavor of Koolaid is that?

    • James Hay

      CNN Is An Part Of The Obama Regime’s Propaganda Appraratus

  • Carolyn VanZorge

    f you, wolf

  • Angel Calvillo

    hahaha here we go another f.b.i bombing plot blaming regular u.s citizens

  • tony greene

    The worst of the liberal asshats?

  • Bruce Molon Labe Rice

    What a piece of shit Wolf Blitzer is!!!

    • James Hay

      All Liberals Are Which Includes Chris Matthews

  • Robert Cragg


  • Dwayne

    What a complete asshole. You can’t take that stuff back. He should be fired. Then beaten. Douchebag.

    • James Gragg

      That footage will NEVER again be aired or seen.

      • Enough

        There Must be a video somewhere on a mirror site?? the POS!!!! Should be Fired without any money.. Sponsors Better step in and drop CNN like they did to Rush!!!

        • Dwayne

          They should, but most likely they won’t fire one of their own for saying something soridiculousy absurd and outlandish.

  • Deb Marston

    just like it’s been TEA members for EVERY terrorist act!

    Oh…wait… those were DEMOCRATS and/or MOSLEMS

    • razberry shus

      Actually it was just about every Republican administration in history…just saying

      • Jan Dinkins

        But the Muslims and communists in our government are top of the line?

    • rickreason

      mcvay, eric rudolph and ted kaczynski were democrats? who knew…

      • Rich Wyatt

        I thought they were Moslems dressed in Republican cloaks.

    • DoctorStrangeluv

      What is a “moslem” ?



    • Jan Dinkins

      And a first class liar.

  • Igoe Thoms

    Wolf Blitzer you are a real piece of work. It was islams. It always is.

    • Nick

      Speaking of speculation…

      • Jan Dinkins

        Isn’t that the usual for the Obama media…and they’re being paid big bucks to speculate which is NOT part of a journalist’s job description!

    • ihateyouigoe

      you my friend are a worthless piece of shit

      • Elsie Elaine Connelly

        NO I beg to differ, You are the worthless piece of dog doo!

    • Jan Dinkins

      Or will be, as the Benghazi cover up and lies, contrived to put the guilt on whomever they want it to be.

  • Jerome Padin

    Little kitten Blitzer, the craven coward who hid under the bed and cried while real journalist covered the opening salvo of the first gulf war. This cheap bought and paid for progressive tramp is too stupid to be given any credence.

  • AnesMerc

    Everyone needs to call and contact CNN and tell them that wolf is out of line! Demand action!

  • Patrick Riley

    where is the proof that he said it as far as i can see if you are believing this post your a flat out moron and a disgrace to my party. Secondly the onlything your showing are people tweeting about it no actual footage, nothing to prove it actually happened.

  • Richard Broughton

    he’s probly rite or it was the N.R.A

    • Blaine Patterson

      Yes, because people who are against higher taxes, which hurts the middle class economically, and those who support American’s right to bear arms, totally have a vested interested in bombing a Marathon and a library in Boston… *Godzilla facepalm*

    • Jean

      Richard Broughton you are as smart as Wolfy boy here. Shut up.

    • Beverly Sue Walts

      richard you are a stupid piece of shi* .. oops …sorry shi* –you are smarter than this idiot

  • Cementmixer

    Blitzer is dumber than a rock. Sorry rock.

    • Jan Dinkins

      If brains were leather Obama and co-conspirators would not have enough to saddle a June bug! They are the lowest of the low…like the rattle snake that slithers on its belly.

  • Elizabeth Boyer Lowe

    Freaking douchebag

  • Jack Herer

    NY Post reports suspect in custody. Saudi national

  • anonymous

    Wolf blitzer is an idiot. you cant blame for what you dont know and to say that just because it was low grade explosive means that it was “amatuerish” is even more than a stupid statement. Anyone that can make a bomb is not an amatuer, they have been figureing it out for a while.

    • Jan Dinkins

      Sounds something that a Bill Ayers groupie would do, if not Ayers and his terrorist bombing communists themselves. He has proven that he can do it…with gusto( the toxic waste idiot/traitor) and good buddy to Obama. Maybe even the OWS gang…they are definitely capable of an act such as this. But the Obama media have to blame a group that has NEVER been involved in any violent acts. They would be part of the victims. However, I guarantee that if, at ALL possible, Obama and company will find a way to blame the innocent……it’s all political…..”make good use of a crisis”. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

  • LiberalAss

    You’ve provided no link. Do you really expect us to take you at you word without evidence?

  • Jean

    aren’t news media suppose to report the news not their options?

    • Nick

      Tell that to Fox when they pass off their opinions with the weasel words “some people say.”

      • Kitt22

        CNN MSNBC CBS NBC ABC all state their liberal opinions everytime they open their mouths. At least FOX News reports the news and not just what the government wants to be reported.

        • Brian E. Trumpower

          THAT is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. I love satire.

          • Ed Scott

            So, you admit you agree about CNN, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, etc……Good for you.

          • Chuck Edinger

            Brian: It is fascinating how intellectually marginal Liberal/Progressives (which btw is a redundant phrase), who have clearly never watched the Fox News news coverage, are so quick to provide criticism and generally dimwitted comments that have no connection to what Fox actually reports. Unlike the Obama News Network (ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, PBS, WaPo, etc.), which laughably began last night to speculate on “Tea Party” and “Right Wing” connections, Fox continues this morning to withhold judgement, while reporting on what is known and handling the story professionally. You might want to actually watch the Fox coverage. You’ll find the reporting to be accurate, and devoid of speculation…kind of what “news” coverage is supposed to be about. It will also help you avoid looking uninformed and credulous.

          • Jan Dinkins

            And they obviously do not have any inkling about fair and balanced…..the number of liberal commentators and regular contributors is uncountable. Bob Beckel, Allen Colmes and Jemu Green are unbearable.

          • Brian E. Trumpower

            I watch them often, Chuck. I watch as much news as I can. But you obviously don’t see their silly bias, because you’re so deep into their ideology. Maybe you need to take a step back, because it makes you look uninformed and sheep-like.

          • Jan Dinkins

            Just how often do you watch Fox News? You do realize
            that at least a 1/3 of Fox commentators and contributors are flaming liberals……Beckel, Juan Williams, Sheperd Smith, Kirsten Powers, Jemu Green, the black professor whose tongue works so fast you could whisk an egg with it,and so many more…it’s impossible to remember all of them. The aforementioned are regulars on Fox News. The conservatives, if ever, who are on the MSM are always scorned, and treated with condescension. Most of the commentators on the MSM are nasty, vile,vicious and slanderous. They are well aware that the are protected from law suits. They are cowards beyond comparison.

          • Brian E. Trumpower

            You should write for the Onion. Awesome.

        • Jan Dinkins

          Stating their opinions is bad but they demonize, mock and scorn ANYONE who dares to critize or disagree with Obama and his policies. Anyone who pays his fat salary and priceless perks have every right and a duty to critize, question or disagree with the ones they employ!

      • Jan Dinkins

        Some people do say.

    • Jan Dinkins

      Not those idiots… Obama disregards the laws of the Constitution….mentally deficient minds think alike.

      • Brian E. Trumpower

        You are insane!

  • Guest

    typical Clinton News Network

    • Jan Dinkins

      Obama network

  • BH

    What do you mean “zero evidence”? It seems pretty suspicious they’d pick tax day, or go after something done in memory of Sandy Hook.

    • Dwayne

      It’s the Boston Marathon, they’ve been running this event for decades and decades. Only people associated with the actual Marathon or live in Boston would know it’s for Sandy Hook. So that doesn’t make sense. Plus you wouldn’t punish people who hsd nothing to do with Sandy Hook. And yes, it’s tax day. So? They wouldn’t attack the Marathon, they’d attack the government. Next time you have an opinion…go nto the bathroom, drop your trow, sit down, and force your opinion out. Flush, then repeat as necessary until all your great thoughts are gone.


    Yes, the disease is called sociopath. Cant let a tragedy go to waist. The very first report was a 20 year old saudi national was being gaurded at a hospital, he had been seen carrying several backpacks before the first explosion, and is considered a possible suspect. The main stream media has not admitted that he was a saudi national. I guess they have to wait to see what the government wants them to say, so they do not get caught in too many lies. They get smarter every time a tragedy happens, but the first report is usually acurate.

  • Aleopya

    Blame, distort, lie are descriptive of liberal new media coverage. CNN didn’t used to be too bad. As for Wolf Blitzer…no longer a credible reporter. I remember a courageous and honest young reporter taking risks to report news on the war on my television screen every night. Today I see and hear a sad imitation of a once great reporter on a has been network.

    • Jan Dinkins

      The MSM is bought and paid for with our tax money. I really have no doubts that, because they are so addicted to Obama, they are being paid off for their deaf, dumb,and blind allegiance to a dictator.

  • Martin Higgins

    A turd of a man with a Luftwaffe Pilot’s name… what a joke.

  • Puff Duggy

    Seriously, Wolf could be right. I’m sure there are several Saudis who are members of the Tea Party and not fond of our IRS.

  • Rick Humphreys

    Someone needs to sue any mdeia outlet that makes these false claims before chekcing the facts. thatwould stop this shady reporting.

  • singingsarah

    I’ve been watching CNN all day and never once heard Wolf Blitzer say this…?

    • Dwayne

      Probably because you were laughing too much at their idiocy.

  • David McMillen

    First off, no self respectin hillbilly would be in Boston in the first place. Wasn’t us Wolf. Why don’t you go ask some of your Saudi buddies?

  • McGyver1

    I suppose it’s a coincidence the gun bill is being debated this week. A 400 Million Dollar centralization of power over who gets what gun or ammo. But mostly pivots around a new Washington think tank called, “National Commission Against Mass Violence.” Did you get that? It’s right there in the bill. It’s for the study of violence in media, schools, etc and the recommendation of a thousand more regulations of course. Sure enough we really need this bull shit think tank now.

  • Shoogafoot Jones

    I think Wolf did it. Why not?

  • Enough

    If he said this on the air..he should be FIRED No Recourse!!!!!

  • tazmndevil

    Umm … Wolf you’re a Dick-Head

  • gadsdengurl

    The tea party has never had so much as a parking ticket at rallies since 2007 when it was started. So there Blitzie boy.

    • Jan Dinkins

      And most of the Tea party members(myself included) range from 40-80 yrs old. Great grand-ma is a real terror in her walker!

  • Bobby

    nobody prays

  • Pressed Rat and Warthog

    Uh NO. Wolf Blitzer did not speculate that this was an anti-tax group. This claim has been DEBUNKED.

    You know guys, just because somebody tweets something, it doesn’t make it true.

    Meanwhile by taking it as true makes you look REALLY STUPID.

  • disgusted at blitzer!

    is this blitzer guy an investigator? how can he come out and accuse anyone! what a beastly heart indeed, wolf blitzer you are not even human!!!!

  • razberry shus

    So was….

  • razberry shus

    Tea Party did it its TREASON I TELL YOU!

  • Jesus St. Jesus

    The end of the bagger party as they racist mantra shows its true colors. Good f”cking bye, a$$holes…

  • Michael Williams

    He is one of those guys (along w Olberman, that dude Maddow, Matthews and Piers Morgan)…that if I saw them on the street while visiting NY; …I’d definately need bail $ and it would be WELL worth it! Would say a word…just SMACK, right in the kisser!

  • Brian E. Trumpower

    Yet you’re the same douchenozzles that went political before they were even pulling bodies out of Sandy Hook Elementary. Always the hypocrites.

  • russ williams

    Here’s a thought … using the same evidence Blitzer had at the time … the bombs were set off by the same people who brought down the Twin Towers.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Does Wolf suffer HUA? We don’t want to speculate, but you never know.

    • Ed Scott

      Is that obama in the picture?

  • Congolia Breckenridge

    I came across the ridiculous website by mistake. What a clusterfuck of idiots you are!

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  • xdancer03

    More like paid Governmental employees (obama’s inside friends) setting up another so called attack. Blaming again, someone who probably didn’t even know that there was a Mass. run that day.
    To bad we don’t have Real reporters anymore, or real Gov officials that are For the People and Not themselves.

  • Brandon Johns

    Obama’s buddy William Ayers and the Weather Underground, the eco-crazy groups, the Discovery Channel shooter, the Unabomber, communists, Hitler and the NAZI party, the Communist Manifesto reading Jared Loughner, the now muslim Aurora shooter, and are you really going to tell me that the Newtown shooter would have voted for Romney over Obama?

  • J Walker

    Lie first Lie often, lame stream sets the tone for the agenda…

  • Studebaker Hawk

    This guy needs therapy.

  • sane person

    wow, so this is where all the crazies hang out. you all are f’ing nuts.

  • dan

    this is so obvoiuosly the tea party you morons

  • Gayle Cayse Bridge

    What a slap in the fact to our true patriots, war heroes! The first thing I thought was ‘is Bill Ayers at it again’? That would the Loons on the Left, Wolf!

  • JoeBideyourtime

    A space ship must pick him up and drop him back off on a daily basis.
    He is totally into liberal confusion.

  • TeaPartyHater

    he didn’t say anything about the tea party, geniuses If you are nervous about this that’s on you. Now if somebody references Moron Day, then you have every right to be concerned.

  • Bill Black


  • CrustyOldGeezer

    I did not know that bill ayers and bernandine dohrn were “Right Wing Extremists”.

    I DID not know that eric holder and the batf were “Right Wing Extremists”.

    I DID not know that moslem fanatics are “Right Wing Extremists”.

    I DID not know that el-queerdo and the hamas were “Right Wing Extremists”.

    I’m beginning to think somebody is trying to redefine words to suit their own agenda.

  • cnnsucks

    Wolf is a fuckhead

  • Michael Portner

    Seems normal for a liberal media to be idiots again. Fortunately there are other sources that try to get at the truth. Unfortunately there are idiots who believe what they see on TV and read in the papers. These are the same brain dead people who voted for BO.

  • pappap42

    Who is Dog Blitzer and does CNN stand for Communist News Network? Is this the station that Al Gore sold?

  • oldtimer

    I never watch CNN as you can no believe many things that they say. Also, I feel that they are anti-American and will do as much damage to America as they can get away with.

  • nina dug

    Good grief!!! Does Wolf Blitzer even have a brain??? To name him that says that his mother must not have liked him too much.

  • stevor

    Check the whereabouts of Wolf Blitzer in the 24 hours before the bombing. Did he have a box cutter? Did he have cave dust on his back from the Afghani cave he’d had recent meetings in?

  • Luci Tomlin

    Those who “sleep with dogs” wake up with FLEAS! The MEDIA has not only SLEPT with them, they’re still in a trance! I sincerely HOPE they are taking night classes for another career path! When Conservatives take over AGAIN, there will be a completely revamped NEWS MEDIA source which will be unbiased, honest, non-judgmental, factual, and presented with integrity, morals, and respect for their position and the public!

  • wandaz

    Shame on CNN. This sort of “Throw this shit out there and maybe it will stick” is to be abhorred. Supposed NEWS casters projecting their own personal feelings to sway the opinion of large numbers of people needs to stop!

  • Michael G.

    Time to shut the pie-hole, Wolf.
    (Actually it was the left-wing-liberal-media members) who did this dastardly deed.
    PS: I’m not poking fun, nor laughing about it either. So the Left, please save your vitriol for someone else…

  • Craig Mayberry

    If you’re a member of the “Anti Tax group” Blitzhole is talking about maybe you should explore a lawsuit against CNN. Just sayin’

  • Dan Ridgway

    This guy is so sad and pathetic. His house was 3 away from my girlfriends back in the 60’s. We attended the same high school and college although he was 4 yrs. ahead of me. The sad part is that his parents were victims of the Holocaust. Used to see them outside their tattoos from the Nazis visible. Now he has become one.

  • Paul Broussard

    Can’t imagine why CNN’s (Communist News Network) ratings are right in the toilet!

  • Sheryl Stanley

    Well, folks, it looks today as if they are now saying it was Al Qaeda; they found fingerprints at the bombing site of Al Qaeda suspects. Just proves you shouldn’t open your mouth on stuff like this until you have something concrete to go on. Wolf Blitzer looked like a fool yesterday; now he looks like a complete idiot.

  • Elizabeth Giermanski

    As soon as Wolf siad, BUT, you know what to expect out of his trash can mouth. Here comes the innuendos right from their progressive/ communist ( SOROS) head quarters. The money man dose it again !

  • Elizabeth Giermanski

    They should rename C N N , to Communist News Netwerk. Every time Wolf say`s, BUT, you can except some form of lies, or the twising of the facts. Innuendos like, IT IS PATRIOT DAY, so what is wolfee boy amming at, or who do you think he`s amming at ? Dh, do I get three gusses ? Johnny G.

  • James Hay

    I’ll Bet It Was Obama’s Islamic Jihaddist Friends Who Are Responsible For This Blatant Crime Against Humanity And Obama Most Probabily Encouraged These Diaperheads To Carry It Out To Divert Attention From His And His Administration’s Crimes That’s Under Scrunity.

  • James Hay

    As An Double Agent For Terrorists


      All the MSM are working in that capacity, as double agents for enemies of our country.

  • Grace656

    Axelrod also hinted that the president believed it could be an anit-tax person. This is probably the narrative they want out there right now, and so CNN and others will follow their directive.

  • California Architect

    Wolf Blitzer said that he doesn’t want “to overly speculate”. But that’s exactly what he does by making such a big deal about PATRIOT’S day. He kept emphasizing the word “patriot” to guide the audience towards his anti-conservative bias.

  • Bob_from_Iowa1

    Blitzer needs to pull his head out of his ass. I remember this prick reporting the “1st” Gulf War from some hotel room with a window view of Bagdad. The minute the bombs started dropping, he dove for the floor.

  • Mr. AIDS

    No evidence. How convenient. I like how the Far Right just has to be victims at all times. I’m going to go and actually try to help the true victims instead of fruitlessly trying to prove some leftist-media conspiracy. It’s truly pathetic.

  • Neal White

    Further proof that CNN is not a credible source for our news. I used to watch CNN daily, have not for more than five years. They can go to the dustbin oof History as far as I am concerned.

  • btamargo

    When are people going to realize that these sick followers of Obama will say anything if it makes the other guy look bad. Spoken like true Nazi’s. You wonder how Hitler became so big, well now you are seeing history repeating itself. Instead of mourning the people who died or were wounded…..these leftist people are using it as an excuse to blame the right…..what is their motto….let no disaster go unwarranted. Use it to attack the enemy. Thats your left for you. I believe it is not the right that is giving weapons to the enemy, its the left and the people working for Obama…..just look at benghazi. Wake up people before it is too late. Cnn and all that work for them should be banned.

    • rickreason

      “Cnn and all that work for them should be banned.” says the nazi

    • rickreason

      I corrected it for ya…

      When are people going to realize that these sick followers of fux news will say anything if it makes the other guy look bad. Spoken like true Nazi’s. You wonder how Hitler became so big, well now you are seeing history repeating itself. Instead of mourning the people who died or were wounded…..these tin-hat people are using it as an excuse to blame their mythical bogeyman ….what is their motto….let no disaster go unwarranted. Use it to attack the enemy. Thats your retards for you. I believe it is the right that is giving weapons to the enemy, its the wing-nuts and the people working as corporate shills for the gun lobby…..just look at newton. Wake up people before it is too late. Use critical thinking skills to protect yourself from political propaganda.

      sound familiar?

  • Wrightclick

    Blitzed only says it was “Patriot’s Day”. It was Axelrod who ‘inferred’ that, you know, it is Tax Day…’, a veiled swipe at the Tea Party.

    • rickreason

      hahaha!! that is sooo hilarious! thanks man. Yes he “inferred” it was April 15th – so sinister. How the hell do you get from it being tax day to “a swipe at the tea party”?!?!

      how bored/defensive/delusional do you have to be when someone pointing out it is tax day is “swipe” at your politics? get a life

      • btamargo

        Rick did anyone ever tell you that you are a loud mouth sob….it is obvious to see you are one of those leftist loons…you think you know everything and all you can do is attack people for their own feelings. Because you have no true feeling for anything, just like all leftist followers….you can only believe what your phonies on the left believe. You think the right are the ones giving weapons to our enemies….take your head out of Obamas butt and maybe you can see who is the one sending weapons to our enemies….like the jets, the drones, and the riffles to all those middle east countries that hate us….yeah lets give them weapons so they can use them on us. And don’t you ever call me a nazi again, if you want to see a nazi, take a look in a mirror. He will be the one looking right back at you.

  • Wrightclick

    What’s up with the goofy Biden image on some of our posts?

  • Greg Harrod

    Blitzer is just another snivelling lickspittle weasel of the left who’s impersonating a journalist.

  • Greg Harrod

    What was he doing? Taking out the trash, cleaning toilets……..?

  • tsw62305

    so…no video of him saying it though, right? Wouldn’t that make this site and those commenting on this story WORSE than Blitzer? Accusing someone of saying something they never said and then heaping criticism on that person?

  • Perry Wall

    name one thing that the teaparty has don’t to hurt anybody,even at there rallies they never leave as much as a gum wrapper on the ground ,but the left always say they are terrorists

  • Dingbat36

    Wolf Blitzer is the poster boy for knee jerk reactions and just plain “jerk” remarks. Who watches CNN or Wolfie boy the “anchor” man any more? BTW, don’t anchors weigh things down? What’s CNN’s market share lately?

  • Dingbat36

    No tweetbacks? Who cares, you have to be a twit before you can belong to twitter!!

  • richard arvin

    Those attending such an event are more likely to be tax payers not tax takers. Thus it is more likely that it came from the left, “99%ers, than the right. We have already seen how they are violent and they may be upset that the right just will not cave on every issue and give Obama what he wants. It may be that they are upset the government is taking more from us to give to them or they wish to help start a State of Emergency that allows Obama to take over things and distribute more to them.

  • Mike Reed

    Inconvenient truth:

    Ft Hood Shooter – Registered Democrat.

    Columbine – both families were progressive liberal Democrats. .

    Virginia Tech Shooter – Registered Democrat – Wrote hate mail to Bush.

    Connecticut School Shooter – Registered Democrat; hated Christians.

    Colorado Theater Shooter – progressive liberal Democrat; staff worker for the Obama campaign; Occupy Wall Street!

    And lets not forget Bill Ayres, 1960’s radical and terrorist bomber – and Obama’s personal friend and biographer.

  • DoctorStrangeluv

    Who knows, maybe Wolf is right ! Until all the facts come out, Wolf does not need to apologize for anything. All these people asking Wolf to apologize … how can you be so sure your own facts yet ? Think about, the bombing was in Boston on April 15th. If you wanted to make a violent statement about your unhappiness with America and taxation, I am sure it would occur to some sicko right-wing nutjob to go right to the symbolism of the Boston Tea party on tax day. Think back to Oklahoma city, until McVeigh was arrested, hardly anyone even thought it was home-grown terror. Stand your ground Wolf and let these whiners go back to watching Fox News.


    I really need to see some kind of official apology from these far left networks concerning their unabashed speculation that right-wing terrorists were the bombers, basing whole shows on that notion. It’s bad enough that they are supposed to be journalists, refraining from speculation, but for all these mainstream media (who are not registered as ‘opinion’ venues but rather as objective reporters) to blatantly offer their “hopes” as factual reporting breaches the line of whether they can be considered news networks. Due to their hesitancy to report the real findings from FBI about the Chech terrorists, they were lagging far behind Fox in their coverage. That’s how much they hate conservatives, that they would rather this attack be coming from homegrown far right activists so they can continue to demonize those who oppose thier muslim president and socialist regime, than they would care to uncover the foreign enemies of our country. In other words, they don’t care if foreign terrorists attack us since they have been teaching our children in public school that we americans have brought on this violence by our actions. You really cannot believe these socialist soldiers anymore. They are serving the enemy.

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  • Bud W

    He never said tea party