Vat of Fat Michael Moore tries to link Tax Day and Patriots Day to Boston Bombings

Taking a cue from CNN and other left wing propaganda outfits, Michael Moore is trying to blame the terrorist Boston Bombing on the right. Moore tries to link Patriot’s Day and Tax Day to the Boston bombings, despite not knowing anything about who is responsible. The vat of fat Moore made these tweets:

Bloated pig.

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  • zardoz911

    More than 2 hundred years ago we fought a war against taxation.This country was founded on the principle that taxation without representation was slavery. This was before we even had an income tax. It’s not to far of a jump to think that this attack was indeed an act of domestic terrorists.

  • YEE HAW! Red necks suck.

    Tea baggers are inbred Southern hicks who rape their sisters and barnyard animals

  • Brow

    And 7 + 2 = 72 which is how many virgins Tamerlan is boffing tonight, but if he knew his 72 virgins would all look like Andrea Mitchell would Tamerlan still do it again?