John Kerry on Benghazi: ‘We Got A Lot More Important Things to Move on to’ VIDEO

john-kerry1Hanoi John Kerry is a real piece of sh*t. He’s like a perfect replace for Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Kerry, did his best Hillary Clinton impersonation today while questioned in the House. John Kerry’s own ‘what difference does it make’ make moment came when Congressman Dana Rohrabacher asked him about Benghazi. Hanoi John Kerry didn’t seem to care either about Benghazi, telling Rohrabacher ‘We Got A Lot More Important Things to Move on to.’

John Kerry can suck it.

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  • myServal

    we don’t need to know why the administration lied; we already know why they lied. To subvert the truth, detract from themselves, and cause others to reap punishment due them.

    Admiral Lyons has the truth: Obama started it (remember the October surprise?) when he wanted hostages that he could go in and rescue, to be a “hero” just before elections.
    When the men refused to “stand down” the Muslims thought it was a setup and killed. Obama committed treason.