Paul Kevin Curtis Democrat according to Facebook page – Ricin suspect

Paul Kevin Curtis Democrat on Facebook – Ricin Suspect

Paul Kevin Curtis Democrat FacebookMeet Paul Kevin Curtis Democrat. He’s the man arrested in connection with the Ricin letter mailings. He’s also known as ‘ElvisGuy’ according to his Facebook page. You can actually learn a lot about Paul Kevin Curtis from his Facebook page profile. His profile picture is pointing to a bumpersticker that says ‘Christian and Democrat.’ He’s also a liberal Democrat. Not some ‘blue-dog’ or conservative Democrat. Paul Kevin Curtis was arrested yesterday in suspicion of mailing the Ricin laden letters to Republican Senator and Barack Obama. He has denied mailing those Ricin letters. There were also some other interesting quotes from Curtis on his Facebook page that simply vanished.

Lady Liberty 1885 has captured some of Paul Kevin Curtis’ quotes that have disappeared from Facebook. They include bashing Roger Wicker (a Republican), saying vote for Jason Shelton as Mayor (A Democrat)

Pundit Press found his Sodahead profile in which Curtis describes himself as a ‘liberal.’ Pundit Press also discovered that Paul Kevin Curtis is a 9/11 truther based on his tweets.

On Paul Kevin Curtis’ Twitter page, he urges his followers to support Democrat

As of Curtis is innocent until proven guilty. Right now he’s only been arrested on charges of threatening the president. No charges of bio-terrorism have been filed as of yet.

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