Barbara Buono says Chris Matthews made her feel sexually objectified

Chris Matthews Barbara BuonoBarbara Buono is the Democrat running against Chris Christie for Governor of New Jersey later this year. She looks an awful lot like Nancy Pelosi, without the botox. Buono isn’t much of a fan of Chris Matthews. Barbara Buono says Chris Matthews made her feel sexually objectified before an interview on April 11 on his low rated Hardball show. Chris Matthews reportedly asked Barbara Buono if he could say ‘you’re attractive’ and she said ‘no you can not.’

Chris Matthews during the interview fawned all over the fat man Chris Christie. He’s still got a thrill up his leg from when Chris Christie and Obama had an orgy together after Hurricane Sandy. Tingles could barely contain himself over his love for Christie. Based on the current polls Christie is likely to easily win re-election in New Jersey later this year. Despite this, Barbara Buono claims Chris Matthews made her feel sexually objectified and that she called Matthews an ass.

If you want to watch the Chris Matthews / Barbara Buono interview, you can watch the clip below.

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Chris Matthews / Barbara Buono interview

If I were in New Jersey, I’d vote for Buono simply because I hate Chris Christie. With tingles fawning all over the fat man, it shows that my vote wouldn’t have gone to waste.

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