Stacey Campfield destroys Piers Morgan: When are you going back to England?

Stacey Campfield Piers Morgan assault pressure cookerStacey Campfield is a Tennessee State Senator. Apparently he pissed off a bunch of leftist idiots like Piers Morgan with his ‘assault pressure cooker’ joke he cracked. The point of Stacey Campfield was to make leftist gun grabbers look foolish because they want to ban everything once something bad happens. Like they want to take guns away from law abiding citizens. The assault pressure cooker ticked off British idiot Piers Morgan so much he had Campfield on his scantly watched show this past Friday. As is typical for whiny Brit Piers Morgan, he began his rant against guns and gun owners, to which Stacey Campfield responded: When are you going back to England?

Morgan promised he would leave American go back to his tea and crumpet country when gun control failed, but as usual he failed to follow up.

Stacey Campfield destroys Piers Morgan: When are you going back to England?

I’m willing to pay for Piers Morgan one way ticket back to England. We have enough European Socialists here. We don’t need him too. I’m sure Stacey Campfield would agree. I’d even give Morgan a parting gift, one of those ‘assault pressure cookers.’ See how generous Americans can be? Also, does anyone else find it a tad ironic that Morgan is whining the joke was ‘too soon’ after the Boston Bombings? Just hours after the bombings, we had Democrats like Steny Hoyer whining that the bombing happened because of sequester. Then you had Barney Frank go on the cable networks to claims we needed more taxes to avoid things like the Boston Bombings. I don’t recall Piers Morgan ever whining about those stupid comments being ‘too soon.’ Campfield’s joke just illustrates perfectly the hypocrisy of the left in this country.

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  • patriot 86

    where do I send the money to have this moronic imbecile sent back to england.only problem will be will they let him back in ‘ hes pretty much worn out his welcome there too.