Cesar Conda – Marco Rubio’s chief of staff worked for George Soros

marco-rubioCesar Conda is Marco Rubio’s Chief of Staff. He recently made his Tweets private (protected) so the general public can’t ready them. Cesar Conda has been pushing amnesty for illegals on Twitter and elsewhere as Marco Rubio’s PR agent. Conda, who is an immigration lawyer, went to work for George Soros before becoming Rubio’s Chief of Staf. Cesar Conda worked on the editorial advisory board of George Soros magazine, The International Economy Magazine.

Cesar Conda had been spinning lies about the amnesty bill about how illegal wouldn’t get welfare, wait more than 10 years for citizenship, etc. Those lies have been completely debunked.

Another Rubio spokesperson, Alex Conant, recently compared illegal aliens living and working in this country to the institution of slavery.

So now you understand why Marco Rubio is so gung ho for amnesty. He surrounds himself with a George Soros monkey like Cesar Conda and other idiots like Alex Conant. Sad that Rubio is turning to be such a huge disappointment. At this point, he doesn’t seem much different than Charlie Crist.

Even the left wing media is in love with Conda. Check out this gushing review of him by leftist biased National Journal:

Conda has one of the toughest jobs in town right now: He has to help Rubio negotiate an immigration bill with the rest of the Gang of Eight that will be palatable to Republicans and not damage his boss’s conservative credentials in the process. “That’s a tough circle to square, but I think Cesar is the right man for the job,” said Frank Sharry, founder and executive director of the pro-immigration reform group America’s Voice. “Rubio is really lucky to have Cesar Conda as his chief of staff.” Conda, known among colleagues for his even temper, has been working on the issue since the early 1990s when he was part of a group of young, libertarian-minded, pro-immigration conservatives. His government experience runs deep: He worked for former Sen. Spencer Abraham, R-Mich., and was an aide to Vice President Dick Cheney. He also spent time in the private sector as a lobbyist and analyst for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and founded the Washington office of a consulting firm called Navigators Global.

The left must think of Cesar Conda as their Hispanic Obama or something.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pad-Dar/100002515504977 Pad Dar

    NOT surprising

  • http://www.facebook.com/jane.wegener.7 Jane Wegener

    I must admit that I am sorry to hear this as I did have a positive opinion of Rubio over the past several years. However I will NEVER support anyone who has affiliation with the far left radicals such as Soros. So sorry to see you go Mr Rubio I really did think you were one of the good guys….MY MISTAKE.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sherry.hilderbrand Sherry Hilderbrand

      I’m with you Jane, I think a lot of people had a favorable view of Rubio and I hope this goes viral….I will not support anyone associated with Soros!

      • ThisObamaNation

        You can help it go viral by sending a link to everyone you know.

      • gramdaisy

        I will not support anyone who supports this amnesty bill. The health care bill took the wind out of this great country’s sails, the immigration bill will sink it.

    • VivaLaMigra

      GOP / conservative voters got suckered again..another RINO rears his ugly head! BTW, have you CALLED Rubio’s offices to make your displeasure known? The staff need to HEAR it Loud and Clear. When the phones are ringing off the hook, maybe Rubio will get the message: We don’t want any stinkin’ AMNESTY and we sure don’t want you LYING about how it isn’t an AMNESTY because we’re a lot smarter than you seem to think!

  • http://www.facebook.com/shari.lusk Shari Keels Lusk

    I’m with you Jane. I will NOT support someone who has any ties with Soros or any other far left radicals. How disappointing!!!

    • Stan

      Rubio looked us directly in the eye and lied . Boy were those of here in Florida who sent him campaign money and campaigned for him kicked right in the face.
      The guy lies without blinking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1820361578 Sandra Jo Gulden

    Our EX crappy GOVERNOR’S name is not “Christ”. Try CRIST!!!~

    • Jill

      The above mistake just shows how sloppy journalism is today. I saw other errors in the piece also.

    • Timbo1

      Our current governor is worse than Crist……

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Thor-Burfine/100000915076695 Thor Burfine

    rubio the putz has crossed over to the dark side

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=707270629 Jim Speed

    We now find out that if they push this current immigration bill through.. it will cost over 6.1 T R I L L I O N dollars.. the liberals are yelling NO.. but thats what it is.. We’ve tried and tried to tell people that these idiot democrats cannot control themselves with money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1223705631 Patti King

    Fire them or i won’t support anything you do Sen. Rubio! I think you need to vet your aids a lot better…BOOM YOU HAVE BEEN INFILTRATED… first you hang out with rinos and libs to work on “immigration”, then you have a Soros lover working for you…………do you hear me slamming the door of trust on you?

  • http://backwardsboy.blogspot.com/ BackwardsBoy

    This is truly sad. Rubio is losing support by the hour thanks to his misguided support of this abomination of a bill.
    If Rubio is ever to regain credibility, he needs to admit that he got fooled by this. Then he needs to start supporting true immigration reforms that begin by securing the Mexican border and tightening immigration requirements in order to prevent another tragedy such as the Boston Marathon Bombings.

    • ThisObamaNation

      Rubio and Allen West are both undercover infiltrators of the GOP.
      West voted for NDAA and the release of the Pigford Funds.

  • Rene Richard

    someone tell him slaves dont SNEAK into a country to become a slave….YOU IDIOT!!!!

    • JustSayNOtoO

      you’re right…..slave are brought into a country kicking and screaming.

  • AnnieC

    Wow – very very bad news, if true. . I was a major Rubio fan but after what he did with the immigration bill, and now this, he has lost my support. How quickly he turned on us. We should all write to him and express our disappointment.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-VanBeek/8368139 Jim VanBeek

    best case, he has a spy in his office.

    • ThisObamaNation

      It’s much more likely that Rubio himself is an undercover infiltrator of the GOP.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Carrkd Klaus Carr

    844 page bill. Loaded with non- immigration “pork” spending already and adding more. 6.1 trillion in taxpayer money to fund this bill. Sounds like a left wing hard core Democrat senator wrote the bill.

  • riverlifecallie

    Rubio didn’t get fooled. He has always been pro-amnesty. He lied to get elected. Can we stop pretending he is a good guy now?

    • VivaLaMigra

      I haven’t stopped pretending; I never bought his crap in the first place. Rubio has done the unthinkable: he makes John McCain look honest by comparison!

  • CTLO34

    Rubio is literally rotting from the head. God, what a disappointment. Now I am angry.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.knapik Sharon Knapik

    I’ve read MANY FB and FreeRepublic posts from Floridians stating unequivocally that this is who Rubio ALWAYS was. Period. In fact, in the FL Senate he blocked MANY sensible immigration reform bills.

    However, Floridians voted for him as he was better than Christ. Which isn’t saying much. From what I’ve read from the good folks of Florida, there is NO WAY Rubio was ‘duped’ or ‘tricked’… What he is, is an open borders/amnesty guy, who is somewhat conservative on other issues. However, since he cannot be counted upon on this most serious of issues, he is undeserving of Conservative/Tea Party support. Not even all Libertarians support this stance… Not when they realize the bill the taxpayers would be footing to provide all of those ‘civil rights’ entitlements: home, food, medicine….

    • Patriot Lady

      Rubio is Cuban and supports amnesty for all Hispanics. I cannot support someone who does not care about Americans losing jobs to illegals. Furthermore, he is no better than an anchor baby, as his parents were not citizens when he was born. Not qualified for POTUS.

      • ChingatchCroute

        “Not qualified for POTUS”

        There ya go! End of story.

        Obama lowered the bar, now they want to remove the bar altogether. ;-(

    • http://twitter.com/fretsward fretsward

      The only one who should have come out of Florida is Col. Allen West…

  • thestormy

    Do not forget that in the last election that there were 2 people suspected of taking campaign funds from outside the U.S. which is illegal. Those 2 were Obama and Rubio. No one raised he** or investigated it. Also do not forget that Rubio IS NOT eligible to be POTUS because he was born before his parents became citizens of the U.S.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001019342791 Kevin Buford

    I saw a speech from Rubio about 2 yr. ago and knew he was just one of the good ole boys !! Florida he must go !! His political career needs to come to an end !!

  • Sean O’Neill

    Rubio was bought while he was still in the Florida legislature and I am on the Right! Have any of you any thoughts as to why Jim Greer all of a sudden took the hit for everything that happened in Tally while Rubio was Senate President and who just might have paid all those fines and charges for him??? Funny – sit around for 2 1/2 years waiting for a trial and at the same time people talk about Rubio/Bush for President Greer pleads quilty for everything.

    Rbio really isn’t eligible for President either and even Barbara Bush says NO to Jeb running “We have had enough Bush’s” HUM?

    What does she know we don’t!

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  • http://twitter.com/endrunlv The Endrun Project

    Hello! George Soros is a Nazi and front man for the wannabe New World Order. His project is taking down the United States and bringing the nation in step with the corrupt elite’s ‘New World Order’ and global control. Why illegal immigration fits into the agenda? Do your home work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1651718219 Mary Ann Overbaugh

    Remember…there are no democrat/republican parties anymore. You have to check on your own and leave nothing up to parties. Perfect example…Chris Christy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sweetguybrian Brian Collum

    what a pos and will not get me to look at him at all..His dad was illegal and that should make him illegal…but our laws are stupid in that area but the amenity is joke and we want no part of you rubio or this dam amenity go home illegals

  • gloomberg1952

    Cesar Conda is a ZIOCOMMIE SHILL
    Soros is a zionist/communist, like the others who are destroying the USA…Gloomberg, Dershowitz, Lieberman, Foxman, King, Strauss-Kahn, Ben Shalome Bernanke, Lipsky, Feinstein, Chertov, Axlerod
    END THE FED 1913-2013
    The FED is a privately owned jewish bank which profits by charging interest to print paper money out of thin air
    the bulk of our national debt is due to the FED’s interest charges for doing nothing but systematically thieving from Americans

    Obama’s main job is to perpetuate the 100 year charter of the FED

  • BengalCat

    George Soros is the devil with a fat wallet.

  • BengalCat

    George Soros would look better with a 300 gr. .338 Lapua bindi through his forehead

  • Medaton

    Very sad… There seemed to be such promise. Couldn’t get my vote now!!

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  • jaydee

    Rubio is off my list for anything. His judgement comes into question when he hires someone who worked for Soros. I had hopes for him to remain in Washington as a reliable senator, as I don’t think he can run for President as his citizenship is in question.

  • bitters

    Looks like Ted Cruz is joining the gang of 8’s ranks..Has he got a deal for us..No benefits for immigrates..forever..The only thing Cruz stupidly left out was that with 11+ million new democrats..they’ll pretty much get whatever the hell they want..The only good politician is a deceased one..

  • reliapundit


  • thekeryx

    what part of FOR THE MONEY do you not understand?

  • VivaLaMigra

    No surprise that Rubio has these clowns working for him. He thinks he can be Prez based on his “good looks” alone…that and a bit of PANDERING to so-called “Hispanic” voters. To ambitious politicians, the long-term good of the Nation means nothing; personal gain is everything. Rubio has exposed himself as a power-grubbing pol, not a leader.

  • VivaLaMigra

    Reply: everything that wasn’t written by MALDEF and the Cheap Labor Lobby [aka US Chamber of Commerce and Club for Growth].

  • Ren

    RINO Rubio’s pro-illegal-alien-amnesty FL-Leg record:

    “2008 Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio supported amnesty for illegal-aliens and blocked all 31 pro-US-American-USC-Rule-of-Law bills,

    that would’ve helped to “Block-Stop-and-Reign-In” the “illegal-alien-invasion !”


    From 2008 – About pro-illegal-alien-invasion, FL-House-Speaker Marco Rubio,

    FLIMEN.org – Illegal immigrants are already leaving AZ, OK, going to Texas, and now Florida !

    The FL-Leg is planning budget cuts that will reduce services to US-FL-citizens, but so far has failed to address the Massive-anti-US-American-Traitorous-Treasonous-anti-USC-costs of the

    There should be no budget cuts without immigration enforcement !

    Has the RINO-Republican-Party surrendered to the anti-US-American-Obama-Schumer-Reid-Durbin on immigration ?

    Let the Republican Party know that citizens, including their base, find “Fake-Conservative” RINO-Republicans-support for Amnesty abhorrent !

    Marco Rubio Florida House Speaker Jan 2, 2007 – Jan 2, 2009 Florida House of Reps, 111th District Jan 25, 2000 – Jan 2, 2009

    It’s all documented here:


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Galt/100003361386801 Jon Galt

    Rubio = Fraud


    This guy is NOT a republican, he is a hispanic Baraka Obama.

  • another_engineer

    I wish the people of florida would recall his lying butt

  • http://www.facebook.com/aj.anotherhillbilly AJ AnotherHillbilly

    just another RINO

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  • Stan

    Rubio betrayed us all in Florida. He swore to us at the Tea Party rally that amnesty was out of the question and ASAP deporting of illegals in this state was his agenda.
    Some of us told him that our hospitals are being financially destroyed with all the illegal care. he said he was aware of this.
    Once elected , BOOOM he does a 180 and laughed at us all.
    I will NEVER vote for this liar again regardless of what future lies he tells.

  • http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9D0CEED81431F935A35750C0A9619C8B63 ɹǝzıuɐƃɹo ʎʇıunɯɯoɔ

    I don’t know anything about Cesar Conda, but I will do more research and fact finding before I believe anything, anyone might say …one way or the other.

    The Washington Post had this….

    Career History: Policy Adviser to Marco Rubio on 2010 Senate Campaign ; Senior Economic Policy Adviser, 2008 Mitt Romney for President Campaign; Assistant to Vice President Dick Cheney for Domestic Policy (2001-2003); Founding Principal and Executive Committee Member of Navigators Global LLC; Adviser to 1996 Dole-Kemp presidential campaign; Legislative Director to Sen. Spencer Abraham (R-Mich.); Minority Staff Director of the Senate Small Business Committee ; Legislative Assistant to Sen. Bob Kasten (R-Wis.); Economic Analyst for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

  • Puppyme1

    It’s a fake story… lol!