Six people shot at McDonalds in East Palo Alto

Six people have been shot, with at least one seriously injured at a McDonalds in East Palo Alto, California. This is of course the same far left California with some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the land. The state has been conducting several gun buyback programs ever since Newtown and have been bragging about it. So how did those anti-gun laws work out for the six in East Palo Alto in a McDonalds? Not too well it seems. Four people were shot inside the McDonalds, and two people were shot outside. Lets begin the countdown. How long before the media and Democrats start blaming the NRA for this shooting? A six year old kid is reported to be one of those shot. Thankfully the six year old only sustained minor injured, mostly to the lower extremities.

Six people were shot and injured in East Palo Alto Sunday afternoon near a McDonalds on University Avenue, according to a fire official.

The incident was reported shortly after 2:45 p.m. at the McDonalds at 2401 University Ave., according to Menlo Park Fire Department Chief Harold Shapelhouman.

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