The nine lies of IRS official Lois Lerner

obama_evil_eyeSurely we will eventually discover far more than just 9 lines for corrupt IRS hack Lois Lerner. One thing that is known, thanks to the Daily Caller is that Lois Lerner’s husband’s law firm has strong Obama connections. That should set off a red flag right there, but remember we still have the media protecting Obama. Below nine lies that the public has learned about of Lois Lerner. The compilation of data comes from National Review:

Lie No. 1: Lois Lerner’s apology on May 10th, 2013 was a spontaneous reaction to an unexpected question from an unknown audience member.
BS! Steven Miller revealed it was not a spontaneous revelation. the question was planted, as part of a prepared strategy for the IRS to release this information to the public.

Lie No. 2: Lois Lerner said only about 280 organizations were given extra scrutiny and that about 75 of them tea-party groups.
BS! The actual number of organizations that were targeted is closer to 500.

Lie No. 3: The discrimination against conservative, Christian and pro-Israel groups were the work of low-level idiots in Cincinnati.
BS! Very senior people within the IRS, including its top lawyer, were aware of the situation, and had been since at least 2011. The home office in Washington DC was very involved in the process.

Lie No. 4: Lois Lerner said that the situation came to her attention through allegations from tea-party groups in the media.
BS: The matter has been under both internal and external investigation for some time.

Lie No. 5: Lois Lerner says she put an end to the practice as soon as she found out about it.
BS! The IRS continued discriminating against conservative, tea party, pro-life, and pro-Israel groups through 2012.

Lie No. 6: Lois Lerner says that the commissioner of the IRS didn’t know about the targeting.
BS! Commissioner Douglas Shulman and later acting Commissioner Steven Miller knoe about the targeting.

LIe No. 7: Lois Lerner says she came forward with her apology unprompted by any special consideration.
BS! The inspector general’s report on the IRS targeting was about to be released and the matter goes public.

Lie No. 8: Lerner said she could not release information about organizations with pending applications to Congress.
BS: Lerner or someone at the IRS released the applications and information to left wing organization ProPublica.

Lie No. 9: Lerner says that there was no political pressure to investigate tea-party groups.
BS! This entire IRS attack was purely political. Seven different far left Senators sent letters to the IRS demanding they crack down on tea party groups.

Lois Lerner still has a job at Obama’s IRS.

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  • bro

    fire her!


    Gee, that could have had a
    “disparate impact” on those “disproportionally” white groups, effecting
    their civil rights by disenfranchising the vote.

    Where do we sign up for reparations?

  • dotherightthing4

    Article doesn’t mention that her husband is a lawyer who had a voter registration drive for Obama and AFTER he won re-election, a partner in his law firm was given an Ambassadorship. How cozy!

  • ron

    This Obama whore should be crucified literally. Oblama right beside her. Cleanse the government now. I’m sick of niggars and their white whores taking over our nation. God bless America and damn every Obama supporter.


    Wires too often crossed, sorry, if Ronald Reagan’s frozen head in a lawyer’s freezer? Were put together as if a frankenstein, in concepts or theory, figuratively. Should such be patented? The John sayles take, yes, all true, but would not have happened in the first place, if yall’s roots did what they were sposed to do in that first place. It built up over time, no excuses for just trashing so many significant. Not even the tip of the iceberg, Every diana spencer catching what, preschool? Judging parents without finding out who are the parents? The IRS saying, Reagan years, zap zip codes with the most money, zeroes and ones, peoples’ brains, well, just get big fish eat little fish offshore unknown, for what? Structures of no structure? Pamelaheads? Of course, correct, but would that have happened?


    So, solutions possible, if we try.

    If we are able to beg, on our knees, Michelle obama, combine the hearings, dothe example you did, pretty please.

    Tomorrow, 10 am, 311 cannon office building meeting cancelled, so, everybody homeland who would be there, BE at the Issa hearing about Andrea Mitchell’s, etc. Move the whole bunch scheduled for the 311 cannon meeting tomorrow, into 2157 rayburn hob, get Issa, Michelle obama, All yall, check out, 2157 rayburn hob, who are they? If the support was big enough, we could give the Issa team to solve roots, move everybody in that 311 cannon room into 2157 rayburn, the whole gang. Issa and Michelle obama, look at those meeting in 311 cannon! Sit down, look. issa, look at them, michelle obama, you provided examples of what Issa could consider, look.