Remember when Obama and Holder went after Gibson Guitars?

obamas_fly_2Remember Obama and Eric Holder’s attack on Gibson Guitars? Back in 2009 the Obama regime raided Gibson Guitars and demanded that its woodwork labor be done overseas. The original excuse by the Obama regime for their raid on Gibson Guitars was ‘environmental concerns.’ Court documents however, revealed that the raid and legal hassles were from a non-environmental question — which country is working on the wood? That’s right, the Obama regime wanted the ‘fingerboards’ produced outside the U.S. In something that was overlooked at the time but makes a lot more sense now, the Gibson Guitars CEO Henry E. Juszkiewicz is a Republican donor.

When the BS about the ‘wood’ came up as an excuse from the Obama regime to attack Gibson Guitars, the corrupt media never mentioned that Gibson’s competitors used the exact same wood and faced no problems from the government.

Gibson CEO Henry Juskiewicz became widely known after he reacted to the raid by protesting his company’s innocence of running afoul of arcane restrictions (the case here hinged on the degree the wood was finished in India, not whether it was endangered or illegally harvested) in the pages of national newspapers and in Senate hearings held by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

Late last year Gibson settled with Department of Justice.

CEO Henry Juszkiewicz commented, “We feel that Gibson was inappropriately targeted, and a matter that could have been addressed with a simple contact by a caring human being representing the Government. Instead, the Government used violent and hostile means with the full force of the U.S. Government and several armed law enforcement agencies costing the taxpayer millions of dollars and putting a job-creating U.S. manufacturer at risk and at a competitive disadvantage. This shows the increasing trend on the part of the Government to criminalize rules and regulations and treat U.S. businesses in the same way drug dealers are treated. This is wrong and it is unfair. I am committed to working hard to correct the inequity that the law allows and ensure there is fairness, due process, and the law is used for its intended purpose of stopping bad guys and stopping the very real deforestation of our planet.”


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  • f. lindsay

    This is what happens when CROOKS run the DOJ.
    Congress we HAVE SEEN ENOUGH!

  • KurtyCWipe

    God I love this site, well done!

  • amazingoly

    Gibson should still sue to recover it’s losses over the illegal raid on their business.

    • Dick

      We all need to contact our Senators, and urge them to take away the protections afforded these overbearing jerks, and allow the people they wrong to sue them for damages on a personal basis. Let’s see how the act when it is their own personal holdings put at risk for their outrageous behavior.
      What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander!
      As the law stands today, they can misbehave without any worry about personal responsibility. If they are willing to take away someone else’s livelihood, they should have to risk the same if they treat someone unfairly. If this policy was in place in all government positions, we would see a change in these “storm trooper” tactics that seem to be mostly politically motivated.

      • dave549863214

        Dude you are dreaming. Congress would never do anything to right their wrongs.

    • Al Roberts

      THat will only do good IF you can make sure that the judgement against them is paid by the AGENTS who made the decision and NOT the tax payers.
      Accountability has to be made personal. Otherwise they will never stop. After all, it did not cost THEM anything. Just like Lisa Lerner. She did the damage in the IRS and then was promoted to be in charge of Obamacare enforcement.

  • Judith Muehlbauer

    More abuse of power from the most corrupt administration in our country’s history.

    • USMC and America proud

      So tell me something!

      When are WE going to get rid of them?? Are we going to operate here and now like good honest citizens, and start nawing at our representatives to enact the ‘Fair Tax Act’ and get rid of the IRS? Are we going to call our representatives, write certified letters and jam their email boxes and local offices with demands that Obama and his administration be impeached? Or do we the people want to stick with the status quo and just say “welllll– that’s just the way things are! We can’t do anything about this stuff!”??

      I have this message for America!! MAN UP!! TAKE CHARGE!!

      • Linda Bartram

        get rid of all dem and rep in office noe then make it all rep senaters who have balls.but one dem allreasy got a senate seat hue won by 3 oints it was fixed

  • Rightleaning

    Like Representative Kelly from Pennsylvania said, The IRS can put anyone out of business at anytime. So can the EPA, Homeland Security, the Justice Dept., etc. and it looks like they are doing just that. However, only if you are a Conservative or a Republican.

  • Uncle Slam

    We need to send this Kenyan back overseas.

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  • brs02

    Where’s the rest of the story? What was the settlement? Did the government pay damages?

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  • AL, Orange Park, FL

    seems we’re living in a communist country … not yet full blown but close enough to create this BS!

  • Ernest Murphy

    The impeachment should be for Oboma’s supporters.

    • Linda Bartram

      should be all the bastards need to get all of them out of the white house we pay for a senaters sons insurance and hes 33 and the senater thinks its funny,because it was done behind close doors,lets see if that fucker keeps his seat in the white house nd his little bastard makes $174,000 a year and can’t pay his own insurance.DO NOT SIGN UP FOR OBAMACARE,YOU CAN NOT CANCEL ONCE YOU DO AND YPOU DN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT WILL COST FOR DAYS LATER OR WHAT COMPANY YOUR WITH.OBAMA IS A MUSLIN

      • Ernest Murphy

        We agree.

    • sansantiago

      And you know, for the record, it is not Black folks, it is the White folks that keep this bastard & his army of abusers in power! What is wrong with these people!

      • Ernest Murphy

        It is voter fraud and NSA, IRS, and skewed unemplyment numbers. All of those were involved in getting this Indonesian usurper into office. It was not white folks primarily, unless your talking about Chris Matthews followers.

  • Jim T

    This IRS thing will probably not hurt Obama other than slow his agenda and make him a premature lame duck. It is probably a waste of time to demand impeachment. The bigger issue is the whole culture in government… Big Liberal Government which has been elected. What is going on in the IRS and the DOJ under Obama is typical of Big Liberal Government. The monitoring of the AP and Fox News is a direct attack on the 1st Amendment. Spying on the citizenry is a big part of it. Intimidation and threats are the same as KGB tactics in Russia and the Soviet Union and other Marxist countries. The citizenry must be controlled. These should be the talking points conservatives use. The best way to end this illegal activity is to defeat Democrats at the polls in every election possible. Now that I have written this I expect to get a letter for some governmental agency investigating my background.

  • Lance Murdock

    Sue ..

  • Teresa Daulton

    Blatant misuse of power.

  • BobH137

    Eric Holder should be forced out of his position at the DOJ and tried
    for abuse of office, and the Congress should block everything Obama
    tries to do until 2016, I would suggest Impeachment, but that would make
    Joe Biden the President and that’s the second to last thing on earth
    I’d like to see..right behind Obama declaring himself Empirical Ruler of
    the Unified State of Amerika. …And NO! I do NOT fear IRS retaliation for my statements, they’ve already been on me for 3 yrs, so..that ship has already set sail!

  • ross mcglockness

    FK U Eric HOlder, and FK U Barack Hussein Obama

  • Bret Leback

    Seriously, the fucker needs to be hanged. Both of them.