Leftists turn Oklahoma City tornadoes into politics

For the last two days, Oklahoma City has been pounded with tornadoes. Today in Moore, Oklahoma there have been multiple deaths, including a 3-month old baby and a four year old child.

It’s so bad in Moore, OK that third graders were being pulled out Plaza Tower Elementary school in Moore OK after tornado hit it. Just a horrible situation all around.

Sadly, leftists (as usual) decided to play politics with the tornadoes in Moore and other parts of Oklahoma. 51 people in Oklahoma are reported dead at 7pm PDT. But this didn’t stop liberals from playing politics. The most notable is Rhode Island Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. He decided to go on an anti-GOP, global warming rant on the Senate floor, shortly after the public knew about the damage and death in Moore, Oklahoma.

Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse goes on anti-GOP rant after Moore, Oklahoma tornado.

Rhode Island is a sh*thole. It’s no wonder why they have idiots like Sheldon Whitehouse represent them in the US Senate.

Lizz Winstead is another one of those assclown comedians. Winstead is also a co-creator of The Daily Show and frequent MSNBC guest. Jon Stewart should be so proud of Lizz Winstead. After the disgusting tweet about the victims in Moore, she whined about being bumped from MSNBC tonight:
Update: Seems ole Lizzy deleted her Tweet. As if there aren’t already thousands of copies of it.

Then you have disgusting leftist Rollcall hack Meredith Shiner:

Actually ‘Meredith’ the GOP wanted the pork out of the Sandy Relief bill. Do you think it was some how ‘aid’ to New Jersey by giving money to fisheries in Alaska? The same standard applies here you left wing hack.

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