Seattle Democrat Rep. Jim McDermott forces women to tears during IRS testimony

jim-mcdermottJim McDermott, you are a true pile of sh*t. Seattle should be really proud of a ‘man’ who forces a woman to tears during the IRS scandal testimony and claiming conservatives ‘had it coming.’ This is your Democrat party. Telling conservatives that ‘they had it coming‘ during the IRS scandal. Democrats are scared sh*tless now. When the IRS scandal investigations first started they were talking a good game and actually showing a desire to get to the bottom of this corruption. Now, Democrats like Jim McDermott know that the IRS scandal goes way up the Washington DC totem poll, possibly to Obama himself after 161 visits with Douglas Shulman. So what do Democrats do? They turn into bullies. Watch McDermott lie and try and act like the big cheese during the IRS testimony with leaders of Tea Party groups today:

House Democrat Jim McDermott Tells Conservatives They Had It Coming

Looks like the old, pasty Jim McDermott needs to lay off the Starbucks coffee. That’s all Seattle has to offer anyway, as it’s a complete sh*thole of a city anyway.

Paul Ryan, who has been quite squishy lately actually fired back and owned Jim McDermott:

Paul Ryan BLASTS Jim McDermott At IRS Hearing

BTW, spare me the ‘political activity’ of Tea Party and religious groups you left wing idiots. When Media Matters loses their tax exempt status, then we can have the discussion. Until then, shut the f*ck up.

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  • amazingoly

    Shameful display of a typical Democrat who probably condones the illegal IRS actions. Washington voters need to send him home next year.

  • ChestyPuller

    Jim McDermott these people did what they are.required to do in order to get their tax exempt status , What makes you think that this opens them up to targeting, you liberal idiot .
    What your appologist attitude for the IRS is and has done is you yourself are trying to make them seem that political profiling against conservatives is warranted and a good thing in your book
    The fact that this was used as a tool to slow down Conservatives from getting their 501c3 and to stop donations. You sir are the prime reason America is on its way out…Socialism

  • Jack

    This jackass is a complete stupid ass moron, how do idiots get elected to office?

  • RandomUser

    This article is poorly written trash.

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