Samir Zawahri – Dead father of SMC shooter

Samir Zawahri was the father of Santa Monica College shooter who is now dead. Zawahri is of Lebanese decent. Of course they can be Christian Lebanese too. There is no name released for the shooter yet, and the media has been awfully quiet on the name of the father who was killed by his son. Samir Zawahri and another of his adult sons were the first two killed by the SMC as the House owned by Zawahri was burned down. I guess Brian Ross wouldn’t be Googling any Tea Party sites once the name of the shooter (who is now dead) is finally released. It’s been curious why the name of the shooter, or his father and brother’s names have been kept quiet. I guess no we know.

Of course we don’t know if the shooter was on some sort of Jihad, or was just a nutcase like an Adam Lanza or Jared Loughner. I’m sure glad that Obama and his NSA spied on all Americans phone and Internet records in order to prevent this from happening! Oh wait. It didn’t prevent jack sh*t.

Oh and lets talk about those strong gun laws Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and MoonBeam Jerry Brown have in California. Looks like that gun free zone, and those strict laws really worked out well stopping a mass shooting? That’s sarcasm by the way. Samir Zawahri, two of his sons (including the killer) and two others are dead from another ‘gun free zone.’

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  • GeoT

    the family are Jordanian, members of the “Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church”

    both the sons born in the 1980’s in Los Angeles. Family connections in Akron Ohio.

    • fantasywriter

      Fine, the family was but we still don’t know if Samir Zawahri had decided on another path. That might explain why he killed family members and set fire to the house. Any thoughts on that?

      • blandoatmeal

        There aren’t many Zawahris in the US. All the ones I could find were in the Akron-Canton, OH area. They appear to be all descended from four brothers, one of whom was named Sami and born ABT 1930. Since the father was named Samir S. Zawahri (b. 1957), I take it that Sami was his father. They were originally from a town east of the Jordan River in Jordan; but since they were Christians, I would assume they are “Palestinians” (The Bedouin of Jordan are almost all Muslim). One of the original brothers, and possibly all, had served in the Jordanian Arab Legion, which fought against Israel in 1948/49. In 1970, many Palestinians were expelled from Jordan because they had tried to overthrow the king. Most of them resettled in Lebanon. Perhaps this is where the “Lebanese” connection comes in — Samir’s ex-wife was said to be Lebanese.

        Samir definitely had an agenda, with all that equipment. It was reported that his father and brother were killed AFTER the fire was started; and it is not obvious who shot whom.

  • Zzz

    Douche more often

  • GeoT

    Name: Samir S ZawahriSpouse: Randa A Abdousons:
    Name: Christopher Samir Zawahri
    Birth: 6 Aug 1987 – Los Angeles, California
    Name: John Samir Zawahri
    Birth: 8 Jun 1989 – Los Angeles, California

    • beachbumrap

      John would have turned 24 today.

      It is strange how few of the mainstream news sources have reported the names of the Zawahri family. Is there some “gentlemen’s agreement” to wait until the police make the announcement?

      • cc227

        No. It’s called protecting their a$$es from lawsuits in case the family has money. Haven’t you noticed, it’s the only time the police and/or media refrain from such.

  • Jeff Jack

    Geo, source?

  • DorothyP

    His family were members of the Antiochian Orthodox Church, so jihad is less likely. More like mental illness.

  • Callmelennie

    Zawahri has significant Islamic overtones. It mean “One who looks at the surface meaning (ie. literal meaning) of the Quran.. It’s akin to calling oneself fundamentalist. It’s not just coincidence that the current head of al Qa’eda is named Ayman Al Zawahiri

    • Brian Geary

      Actually, the name has Christian overtones. . It means “one who sits in an Orthodox Christian church on Sundays and then shoots his own family and a bunch of strangers to death anyway”.

      • congressive

        But that doesn’t fit the narrative, so gotta fix the facts. Besides, as long as the shooter accepted Jesus as his Savior, he’s in heaven now. Don’t know whether those he killed are there, since that’s between them and God. Spot the irony.

  • Duude

    Name wasn’t announced earlier because Mom was in Lebanon and hadn’t been notified till just recently. Enough with the conspiracy crap.