John Zawahri – Santa Monica College gunman had mental issues

bushmaster_ar15_carbineJohn Zawahri has been reportedly identified as the gunman in the Santa Monica College shooting on Friday. John Zawahri killed five people, including himself, his father and brother. One person in the hospital is reportedly in dire condition and may end up dying for wounds. Earlier reports were that Chris Zawahri was the killer as the media was trying to hide the name of the shooter. Now it turns out that it was his brother John. Today, would have been John Zawahri’s birthday.

While it’s interesting that the media identified John Zawahri as a ‘white male’ when he’s obviously middle-eastern, it’s also interesting to note that John Zawahri had been in the hospital once before with mental health issues. John Zawahri was also angry over his parents divorce. John Zawahri killed himself, his brother Chris Zawahri and his father Samir Zawahri at their Santa Monica home.

It’s also been very odd how how long it took the media has not reported on the killer’s name. L.A> Times obviously knows the name of the killer John Zawahri to get his mental health history, but didn’t report it until now. Based on his first name, I’m going to assume he’s not a Muslim, but rather a Christian middle-eastern. Why the news blackout? Is it because John Zawahri didn’t turn out to be the ‘white male’ that the media originally reported on?

The killings by John Zawahri obviously have led to the media and leftists to start trumping their gun control debate. That’s been to focus of the media, rather than the fact Zawahri had a history of mental health issues. So basically, John Zawahri is a middle-eastern version of Adam Lanza. Not a Muslim not on a Jihad, just another nut job who decided to kill people because of his mental issues. Since Zawahri doesn’t fit the media’s description of the ‘white male’ like they originally tried to claim, he wouldn’t get nearly as much attention as Adam Lanza.

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  • Pandora

    Oh FFS. Pull your head out of your ass, and educate yourself. There are Lebanese Christians, that have blonde hair and blue eyes. Not everything is black and white, you ignorant fool. It has been stated that they KNOW his identity, but are waiting to inform the next of kin, before releasing any names.
    Now you can go back to getting frisky with your sisterwife/mom. SMH.

  • Kissmyass

    You useless prick. What a pathetic statement . Keep wearing your tin foil hat…lol

  • Johnny Walker

    Sad but true. Muslim or not, Mr. Zawahri does not fit the left’s anti-2A narrative. No wonder this otherwise very useful news story for the gun grabbers died down so quickly.

    • SonofaCV15

      Don’t rush to judgement so fast Johnny… All the evidence is not in yet. He may have been on his way to see a film.

      We should wait a week or so and see what Susan Rice has to say about it.

      • David

        Exactly, wait for the facts, this guy could have been on jihad and the media would not tell you…wait for Susan Rice

    • warpmine

      Anyone hear him scream “Jesus is great” before he opened up? Anyone?

      That’s what I thought!

  • Joe

    Arabs, Turks, Iranians, Indians, and others in south and southwest Asia, are usually Caucasian, so it’s wrong for the writer to say the media is wrong to identify the shooter as a “white male”. I know what he means though, as some folks assume “white male” means a person of northern European descent.

    • Big Dog

      He is white because he would have been able to use the WHITES ONLY restroom back in the day.

  • Hilary

    why do you think this issue is about left and right…just another opportunity to deepen the divide and distract from the gun possession problems that we are all victims of.

  • HolyCowRUKiddingme



    This is the Ostrich syndrome – WAKE UP AMERICA!

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  • Jim Retnav

    “While it’s interesting that the media identified John Zawahri as a ‘white male’ when he’s obviously middle-eastern”

    Nothing unusual here. The media did the same thing with Zimmerman. If Zawahri, or Zimmerman were victims they would be described as anything but white. As the purps the media put’s the white label on them.

    • CommonSenseLiberal

      That he’s of middle eastern descent makes no difference. He was mentally ill. This is was background checks are meant to stop. But conservatives don’t care about that.

      • Paladin13

        Background checks do not keep someone committed to murder from obtaining a weapon. Your narrative has been discredited. Armed citizens are the best defense against these wackos and murderers.

        • Common sense

          But why not use background checks and waiting periods just in case it actually does stop one of these wackos? Don’t you want to do everything possible to stop these incidents while protecting the 2nd amendment? I don’t mind being on a list, getting checked out, and waiting if it means a guy like this has to as well. I get my gun and he might simmer down or seek help in the meantime.

          • Paladin13

            I once favored the background checks now in place but no longer. The goal of the gun-grabbers is to get in effect gun registration. They are pushing for all gun transfers to be subject to a background check. And if you trust this government, considering what has come out recently, to not use this information to keep a list of who owns guns for eventual confiscation. And I should not have to be proven innocent in order to exercise a constitutionally protected right.

          • Just sayin

            @common sense,
            This happend in California, for those of you who may not know… We here in California must submit for a backgrounds check (and gun registration) and a 10 day waiting period. Also the large capacity magazines he had, have been banned since 2000, (I am quite sure those magazines they showed us hold 1 or 2 rounds more than 10) the only way he could legally own them is if he owned them before the ban (unlikely at 23 years old) If he did not have to use a tool (or bullet) to release the magazines on his semi-automatic riffle… it too has been banned for a few years now as well (also very unlikely for him to own legally).
            Since this happened in the most anti-second amendment state in the US, I am afraid that this is actually a good example of why such laws may not work… however, you will be happy to know California’s laws, old and future, are doing a bang up job of stripping legal law abiding citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights.

          • Travis Russell Hughs

            Good Luck

          • Travis Russell Hughs

            You should realize when the time comes for the NRA and TeaParty Conservatives to save your silly ass it will be too late.

          • M40

            How about full licensing, registration and background checks for the news media? We can have 3 day waiting periods before they can publish stories.

            During the waiting period, federal employees can sift through the stories and edit as they see fit, making sure the stories are ‘safe’ for dissemination to the public. Stories that are unsuitable can be weeded out entirely.

        • CommonSenseLiberal

          Then what’s the problem with having background checks, you idiot? What do you have to hide besides your own mental illness?

          • Paladin13

            You’re a typical liberal – you don’t offer a reasoned argument or rejoinder, just insults. I like privacy and being secure in my person and papers.. If you have nothing to hide, give us your real name, address, contact information and facebook identity. You obviously believe that someone with nothing to hide should let his or her personal information out to the public. I guess you have no problem with the central (i.e. federal) government’s collection of information regarding your phone calls, emails, etc.

            In your response, please come up with additional insults. Using the same ones is frankly boring.

            Now I descend to your level of immaturity and offer a similar response to your reply: “nanny nanny pooh pooh! your brain is full of pooh pooh!”

          • M40

            You’ve just PROVED Paladin’s point. You consider him ‘mentally ill’ simply because his opinion differs from your own. And there are many on the left that have NO problem using federal agencies like the IRS to punish those with whom they disagree. Hmmm…

            There are those on the right that consider you to be insane. How about we enact first amendment ‘background checks’ and registration/licensing to make sure you’re ‘sane’ before you’re allowed to express your opinions?

          • CommonSenseLiberal

            I consider him mentally ill because he makes no sense. Not just because his ideas are different from mine.

          • M40

            ,,,and you’ve either missed my point entirely, or simply failed to answer because you have no good answers.

          • CommonSenseLiberal

            I understand your point and answered you. Looks like you’re the one not intelligent enough the comprehend that.

          • M40

            My (unanswered) point was, in this age where we have government agencies stomping all over the rights of the people… do you trust a federal agency to conduct background checks on you and determine whether you’re mentally competent to exercise your rights? Do you think they would be fair and impartial?

            If your answer is ‘yes’, then pretend Bush was still president, and ask yourself whether you’d still trust them. I’m guessing probably not.

          • CommonSenseLiberal

            You miss the point entirely. If you were adjudicated (look it up) mentally ill it would come up on the background check. If you weren’t, it won’t.

          • M40

            Okay… still didn’t answer whether you trust government agencies to handle this sort of thing in a fair and impartial manner (no matter who is president or which way that agency swings in leadership.

            I know war vets that got home and talked with counselors at the VA for symptoms of PTSD (bad dreams, stress, etc). That is now in their federal records, and may well be used as an excuse to bar them from owning firearms under the current proposals.

            Much of the current problems stem from the Democrat legislation a couple decades ago that turned hundreds of thousands of criminally insane individuals out onto the streets with nothing but a bottle of pills. They also made it nearly impossible to institutionalize really dangerous people.

          • CommonSenseLiberal

            It was the conservatives who wanted tax cuts and cuts in care for the mentally ill that put them out on the streets. That was Reagan, you fool.

            You step obviously not intelligent enough to understand my posts. I answered your question. Go back and reread, or have someone explain it to you. I don’t have time to teach children like you to read on here.

          • M40

            Actually, you’re making up facts rather than looking them up. Most of the crazy people were thrown out of mental institutions in the 1970s during the Carter years. It was all about their ‘rights’ and allowed them to simply sign themselves out and walk away.

            Since the 1970’s, gun ownership, licensing, registration and all manner of gun control have been implemented, and the rates of gun ownership have DROPPED… yet we see a RISE in gun violence. HOWEVER… let’s look at it this way:

            – From 1900 to 1970, there was an average of 4 mass public shootings per DECADE.
            – In the latter half of the 1970s, Carter turned the nuts loose, which made the numbers jump to 13 mass shootings that decade.
            – Since 1980, mass shootings have averaged 36 per decade.

            See any correlation? Less guns do not equal less crime. More “gun control” doesn’t stem crime at all. However, less CRIMINALLY INSANE people wandering our streets DOES stem the crime rates.

      • melissa

        Background checks do not identify whether or not someone suffers from ANY kind of mental illness, as that is private information between a patient and his/her physician. The average person does not need background checks; however, in situations when background checks are required they are usually required to obtain child abuse, criminal history, and FBI clearances…none of which do or should identify a persons private medical conditions. If the person committed a crime due to their mental illness, the actual crime would be identified on one of the clearances but medical conditions would not be.

        • CommonSenseLiberal

          If you knew anything about the law you would know that a person must be adjudicated mentally ill for it to show up on the check. There is NO reason not to have these checks.

      • M40

        Will background checks weed out Muslims that are angry at their parents for the sin of being divorced infidels? Just asking, because I have a feeling that the first Muslim that fails a background check will turn it into a federal discrimination lawsuit.

        Meanwhile, whereas the federal government has no problem strong-arming conservatives via the IRS, why should we trust them to be fair when it comes to background checks???

        • CommonSenseLiberal

          He had a history of mentally illness, you fool.

          • M40

            He received care for unidentified ‘issues’… in his early childhood…said an ‘anonymous source’… who asked to remain confidential… as reported by the LA Times…

            Sorry, but that all sounds very sketchy. The left-media have been doing their absolute best to point their fingers at ANYTHING but the obvious.

            This guy converted to radical Islam, then was outraged that his parents divorced. You see, divorce warrants their deaths under Sharia law, so he carried out his own little jihad in response to their obvious ‘infidel’ status.

          • CommonSenseLiberal

            You are a common conservative idiot. Making assumptions, believing those wrong assumptions are fact, and jumping to a completely incorrect conclusion. You need to learn critical thinking skills.

          • M40

            The first sign that a liberal has lost an argument is when the insults commence.

            You’re incapable of actually debating any points made by others, so you become apoplectic and begin hurling turds like an angry little monkey.

            Including “Common Sense” in your username doesn’t actually make it so. You might try to show some by debating rather than slandering everyone that disagrees with you.

          • CommonSenseLiberal

            I can demolish your argument AND call you an idiot, my ignorant little friend. Liberals can do more than one thing at a time. Conservatives can’t.

          • M40

            I get the feeling I’m arguing with a 6 year old…

      • warpmine

        How is it then this guy got passed the stringent CA background check with a history of mental illness? Oh wait, the record was sealed because it all happened under the age of 18 and we know how Liberals want to keep everything hidden from the public unless it’s a conservative donor list.

        The issue is why hasn’t this been corrected? If you’re going to run with a narrative, at least be able to eliminate these possibilities. Liberal dogma prevents all liberals from using logic doesn’t it? That is all.

        • CommonSenseLiberal

          That’s the law, you moron. Not liberal selectivity.

          • warpmine

            When you insult your opposition during intended debate, you’ve already lost.

            Oh, btw, your moniker is an oxymoron as their is no such thing as a common sense liberal.

    • M40

      The talking heads are nearly choking themselves trying to pronounce the name with a ‘western’ sound to it. I heard them calling him ‘Chris Zowrie’.

  • Wake up

    You pathetic bigots… Listen you right wing nuts. Zawahri is an Arabic name not a Muslim name.The fact that his first name is John implies that he is probably an Arab Christian you know they have Arab Christians right! I wonder why you bigots didn’t ask if Lanza was Christian or Jewish ? This doesn’t change the issue easy access to deadly weapons even by the mentally ill. There need o be extensive background checks an bans on assault riffles.I wish you right wing nuts do try and rise up against the government (your wet dream) so we can be rid of you extremist fanatics….. Extremism is a cancer regardless of the cause

  • buttercatz99

    Too bad there wasn’t someone there with a gun at the exact same split second, who would not miss a shot and hit a bystander, and had ammunition and would not have been shot himself and…ok well that’s just absurd. Background checks people…Seriously. This is exactly something that would have been stoppable. There is NO reason for whack jobs to have ar-15 – that means all of you reading this.

    • dave

      Including your mother.

      • gaylord

        Get your mother, please.

    • Olphart12

      The genie is out of the bottle. The weapons are everywhere. I don’t know the answer but it’s a little late for gun control, except maybe for law abiding citizens, who are not the problem.

  • Firaz Al Haitham

    I’m 98% he was not a Muslim nor was his family. You and people like you demonstrate the combination of ignorance combined with strong opinions.

    Who knows what country of origin he is from, but he is probably from the Lavant. 20% of all Arabs worldwide (includes diaspora) are Christian, having a 2,000 year history in the Middle East. John is a Christian name, so is Christopher and Rhonda, all popular in the Arabized Middle East. No devout Muslim would name their child any of those names. Nor is Zawahiri a characteristic Muslim surname, like Ali, for example. All I can say for sure, is that this man, John Zawahiri, was a sick man who needed help.

    People like you are the reason Zionists are cleansing Palestine of Christians and Jihadists get to rape, murder, and persecute Christians and burn churches without any complaints from the West. Your Crusaders killed more Middle Eastern Christians than Muslims. Your Iraq War and support for the “Arab Spring” had decimated the Christian population more than anything since the Western-supported Young Turks. It’s people like you that make the slaughter of Christians possible. May God open up your eyes.

    • M40

      I think you’re correct. Reports state that they were Lebanese which gives a strong possibility that they were Christians (and the names they gave their sons, Christopher and John lend credence to that).

      HOWEVER… I think John CONVERTED to Islam, and began having issues with his family after his conversion.

      Apparently this whole incident was sparked by his parents divorce. This made them infidels in his mind… worthy targets for a radicalized young Muslim.

  • warpmine

    What church did the family attend……..None, that’s what I thought Sure seems to be a connection with lack of religious Christian teaching with these nuts

  • CommonSenseLiberal

    So what?

  • CommonSenseLiberal


  • Stee

    Adam Lanza killed way more people and most were small children. That could account for why he received more press.

  • Nabilah Doherty

    Lebanese people are pretty white, folks! The identification of Lebanese people as Arabic is primarily due to language. Most are not genetically of the same people as Arabs from Arabia(except for through marriage)-actually, few “Arabs” are . There are many genetic backgrounds in the Arab world which includes much of Africa. And anyone LOOKING at him would call him white. He isn’t passing if you have to do a passport check to ID his race. He is white, people! He isn’t the white boy from Iowa,no. But he is white.When did we become the reconsructionist south, measuring how white a person is to determine if they are “really” or legally “white”? Sick hobby, folks.

  • gaylord

    I think he was in a Muslim gang or something. He was speaking another language. I’m pretty sure it was . . . Muslim.

  • Tony

    I live very close by and am outraged but his background has little to do with anything. His mother is very American and very low key. As Chris Rock says….sometimes Crazy is just Crazy. No smoke and mirror or hidden agenda, just crazy. Crazy should not be allowed to buy guns