Obama’s Africa vacation to cost taxpayers $60-100 million

barack-obama-arroganceTime for another lavish, taxpayer funded vacation for King and Queen Obama. They are headed to Africa for yet another vacation later in June. The estimated cost to the taxpayer of this vacation will be between $60 and $100 million. Good thing Obama’s sequester didn’t cut the King and Queen’s vacation budget. In case you forgot, the White House tours are still closed to the public. On the bright side, at least it gets the scum Obama family out of this country for a few days.

Good thing Michelle Obama will be able to get some more fat cakes to eat. I’m sure she’s been craving them since her last tax payer funded vacation to Africa in 2011.

Of course we’ll get the standard libtard line about how many days George W. Bush spent at his ranch in Texas during his presidency. I’m willing to bet that none of Bush’s trips to his ranch cost anywhere near $60-100 million tax payer dollars. In fact, all the time Bush spent at his ranch over his eight years probably never accumulated to the price of this one trip.

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