Obama’s Africa vacation to cost taxpayers $60-100 million

barack-obama-arroganceTime for another lavish, taxpayer funded vacation for King and Queen Obama. They are headed to Africa for yet another vacation later in June. The estimated cost to the taxpayer of this vacation will be between $60 and $100 million. Good thing Obama’s sequester didn’t cut the King and Queen’s vacation budget. In case you forgot, the White House tours are still closed to the public. On the bright side, at least it gets the scum Obama family out of this country for a few days.

Good thing Michelle Obama will be able to get some more fat cakes to eat. I’m sure she’s been craving them since her last tax payer funded vacation to Africa in 2011.

Of course we’ll get the standard libtard line about how many days George W. Bush spent at his ranch in Texas during his presidency. I’m willing to bet that none of Bush’s trips to his ranch cost anywhere near $60-100 million tax payer dollars. In fact, all the time Bush spent at his ranch over his eight years probably never accumulated to the price of this one trip.

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  • amazingoly

    Ridiculous at best. Total waste of OUR money.

  • Mo

    meanwhile in Afghanistan, once a day our troops hot meal has been replaced by an MRE due to budget cuts. Shame on President Obama!

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  • vikki zaremski

    Talk about thumbing his nose in your face. Kids can’t tour the White House because we can’t afford the security? $60 to $100 million of tax payer dollars being spent on this latest African family vacation? What on earth is wrong with this family?!! I believe Mrs. Obama, her children and other famiiy members went on an African trip not too long ago. In fact, they seem to be packing and unpacking all of the time. Can you imagine the message that would be sent to the American people if the Obamas reached into their checkbooks and wrote a check to cover the cost of the White House tours and then pledged the money they were going to spend in Africa on those employees being furloughed? They appear to only care about themselves yet we are paying the tab. Obama obviously doesn’t care about the people of this country. He knows nothing about the middle class or poverty. They are merely meaningless campaign talking points “What do I need to read off the teleprompter today to get elected?” “What do I need to say today to raise more campaign money?” Where is the leader we were promised? Where is the transparency? Where is the honesty? Shame on us for being so gullible.