St. Louis Cherokee Place Business Incubator murder-suicide Somali Muslim refugee

crazy-muslimI was curious why the media dropped all coverage of this St. Louis murder-suicide at Cherokee Place Business Incubator. I thought the media would run with this as yet another ‘deranged’ white male gun nut and how we need gun control. Turns out the shooter was ‘allegedly’ a Muslim Somali refugee. The murder-suicide by the Muslim allegedly started after an argument with people inside Cherokee Place Business Incubator. The shooter was a male and Cherokee Place Business Incubator is a health care business allegedly owned and staffed by Somali immigrants. No names of the shooter or the three other victims have been released at this time. A Muslim woman tried to walk to the murder-suicide scene, but was turned away by police. It’s not known if she was related in anyway to the shooter or the victims.

Looks like Obama’s NSA spying failed to catch yet another threat to our security. Boston Bombers, Santa Monica Shooter, and now St. Louis murder-suicide. Don’t worry though. I’m sure some granny’s pictures of her vacation are kept in the Utah NSA data facility.

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