King Putt Obama hits the golf course for 128th time before vacations

obama-kingputThis coming week is going to be a big, ‘tiring’ week for the Obamas. Before hitting the G8 summit, Obama is taking a pre-G8 vacation to Belfast. After the G8, Obama, Mooch and the kids will tour Ireland and Germany. But that’s just the start. The week after this vacation the Obama family are headed to Africa for a $60-100 million tax payer funded vacation. Today in preparation for these trips, King Putt Obama hit the golf course for a record 128th time.

And though technically at Fort Belvoir, he is actually in heaven. It’s 84 degrees, humidity is 50 percent, the wind is at nine miles an hour and, as the weathermen like to say, there’s abundant sunshine.

It’s the 17th time he has played this year and the 128th outing of his presidency.

Obama must need a break from all those scandals.

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