Donald Trump: If ObamaCARE wasn’t enacted James Gandolfini would still be with us

Update: it was a hoax, Donald Trump never tweeted it. It was a fake re-tweet by some left wing loser who tries to act like a comedian.

donald-trumpJames Gandolfini from the Sopranos died earlier this evening. Donald Trump allegedly made a stupid tweet then deleted it:

@RealDonaldTrump If Obamacare wasn’t enacted, James Gandolfini would still be with us. FACT.

Here’s the only screenshot of what appeared to be an absolutely stupid tweet from Donald Trumps:

Donald Trump: If ObamaCARE wasn't enacted James Gandolfini would still be with us
Donald Trump alleged deleted tweet: If Obamacare wasn’t enacted, James Gandolfini would still be with us. FACT.

It’s a bit odd to me that only this one screen capture exists. There’s a lot of people who claimed to have seen the tweet. You’d assume there’d be a ton of screen captures of it. If this is was in fact tweeted by Trump it’s beyond stupid. Obviously I can’t stand Obama, or ObamaCARE, but come on! Trump is currently in Vancouver, Canada working on some tower project thing. You would think he’d have more important things to do then tweet/delete dumb crap like this. Maybe he’ll claim he was hacked like Anthony Weiner or something if this tweet was real. Obviously Trump has seen blow-back on Twitter. Most of it though is the usual leftist crap about him being racist or something. If Trump really did tweet this, it wasn’t racist, it was pure stupidity. Remember, this is the same guy who donated $50,000 to Rahm Emnauel for his Mayoral Run in Chicago but tries to claim he’s a conservative.

Left wing loon Zerlina Maxwell RTed Trump’s tweet:

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