Donald Trump denies James Gandolfini ObamaCARE tweet

donald-trumpAfter backlash from the ‘alleged’ tweet/delete from Donald Trump about James Gandolfini still being alive today if not for ObamaCARE, Donald Trump has come out today to deny he ever tweeted it:

Maybe Trump didn’t tweet it, but it’s definitely his style.

There were actually a lot of people who saw the tweet. I didn’t, I just saw what other people re-tweeted and the one screen shot.

Another oddity about the alleged Trump tweet is Zerlina Maxwell sudden deletion of her ‘retweet’ of Trumps alleged tweet. In case you don’t know who Zerlina Maxwell is, she a race hustler left wing nut bag. She’s a writer for the New York Daily News and Ebony Magazine.

I’m less convinced today that Trump actually made that tweet then deleted it. Why would she deleted her ‘retweet’ if that was truly a tweet from Trump?

Donald Trump also claims he now knows who’s responsible for the ObamaCARE / James Gandolfini tweet. I’d like to know myself.

I don’t understand why someone would be dumb enough to create this hoax if it really is. What exactly does it gain them? People who hate Trump will hate him anyway.

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