Watch: Tamara Holder throws tantrum at Bill Cunningham on Hannity

tamara-holder-foxnews-nut-jesse-jacksonTamara Holder is another one of the Fox News leftist clowns that for whatever reason continues to appear on opinion shows like Hannity. Holder’s claim to fame is being a ‘pardon attorney’ and being mentioned in a lawsuit as having an affair with Jesse Jackson. Tonight she threw at tantrum at Billy Cunningham for daring to explain to her why Eric Holder (I assume no relation) is guilty of perjury under oath to Congress. Eric Holder lied to Congress under oath at least twice. Once regarding the James Rosen scandal, and another regarding Fast and Furious. When challenged by Cunningham, Tamara Holder threw her usual temper tantrum, and for some odd reason found a way to blame Michelle Malkin.

Tamara Holder throws tantrum at Bill Cunningham on Hannity

Tamara Holder is a perfect example of why I don’t watch Fox News as much as I used to. Not only do they popular their opinion shows with idiots like Tamara Holder, Juan Williams, Sally Kohn, etc, but they have become an amnesty shilling network.

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