Songbird John McCain made more than 32 Communist videos against United States

john-mccain-rinoSongbird John McCain – American traitor. I’m sick and tired of hearing what a ‘war hero’ John McCain was during Vietnam. John McCain is really not much different than Jane Fonda. Did you know songbird John McCain has made more than 32 videos for Communists denouncing this country? Vietnam Vets And POW’s even made a video five years ago exposing exactly the type of so called ‘patriot’ songbird John McCain is.

Songbird John McCain – exposed by Vietnam vets and POWs.

If you want to see what the ‘white’ half of Obama will look like in 30 years, without the military experience, look no further than John McCain.

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  • Linda League

    I don’t like John McCain at all. But, I don’t know what I would say or do if I was tortured. I hope I would be able to stand it but I don’t know. I think we should be careful to condemn him for this since there are so many other offences we can talk about.

    • LibsRignorant

      When it comes down to it.. I know I would choose life over death. Making a video while being tortured does not make you a traitor, it makes you a survivor. I don’t like McCain, but those saying he is a traitor are fools and they have no idea what he had to do in order to survive.

      They might say “Well, he should have died for his country”. Why? Why should anyone have to die for a piece of dirt? If you really think he believed what he said, and wasn’t just saying what they told him to say, then you’re delusional.

      • Isabella1709

        Most of these people making the accusations are fellow prisoners of war. I think they know about torture.

        • ANSLQ32

          Where are they?

          I have never seen one ever accuse him.
          Don’t you think msnbc would have covered this like fly on S$it if a shred of it was credible?

          • BeeMan

            Do you know how to search the internet? Plenty of his fellow prisoners have spoken up, but he has a lot of friends that need him and protect this tool by taking down true statements on the net.

    • BeeMan

      This traitor never received anything more than a hard slap to the face. Read his own testimony, it’s easily found on the internet.

  • sealion

    mccain is a brainwashed tool. i feel bad was tortured but now hes destroying this country

    • JT1

      This jackass was NEVER tortured… EVER.

      • MZAZ86442i

        That’s why the call him SONGBIRD McCain

  • Iwasthere

    I guess none of you commenting here served a day in Vietnam. If you did you would understand the horrid conditions POW’s lived in. The VC had humanness for Aircrews. If they didn’t want you the would dismember, cut off their private parts and nail them to a tree and let you bleed to death. Those who love Jane Fonda the real Traitor, well I am not one of them since I flew in Vietnam. She should have been tried an convicted or disposed of by the quickest means. If John McCain is destroying this country them what is Obama doing????

    • aghazy

      Trying to fix the mess Bush left us with, with no help from teabaggers in congress and traitors like McCain in the Senate.

    • ANSLQ32

      Was he shot down over VC units, or Regular Army units in Hanoi?

      It wasn’t the VC…..

    • BeeMan

      I served 2 tours. This fool and tool is a traitor. You ask, I answered. Seek this traitor’s history before you speak.

  • Michael Santarella


    • Dolores

      Michael, I agree with you.. He was another Jane Fonda.

      • Michael Santarella

        thank you dear

  • Dolores

    He is a piece of shit..He never was for this country and people voted for him because they felt sorry for him. But he kisses Obama’s ass every day and goes along with him,

    • ANSLQ32

      Are you blind?

      or just really unintelligent?

  • Shala bebe

    Is there really anyone who likes this guy??? I feel like he has a major chip on his shoulder and plans on getting retribution.

  • BeeMan

    5 planes lost to this inept fool, and he gave up info on his fellow fliers. Send him to hell.