Songbird John McCain made more than 32 Communist videos against United States

john-mccain-rinoSongbird John McCain – American traitor. I’m sick and tired of hearing what a ‘war hero’ John McCain was during Vietnam. John McCain is really not much different than Jane Fonda. Did you know songbird John McCain has made more than 32 videos for Communists denouncing this country? Vietnam Vets And POW’s even made a video five years ago exposing exactly the type of so called ‘patriot’ songbird John McCain is.

Songbird John McCain – exposed by Vietnam vets and POWs.

If you want to see what the ‘white’ half of Obama will look like in 30 years, without the military experience, look no further than John McCain.

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  • jw

    It should be obvious that Songbird and Hussein are best buddies when it comes to fucking up the country and making life hell for the citizens. They both want to bring in as many illegals as possible, both want to see the Afghani warlords flood the US with heroin and both are rotten traitors who should be treated as such.

  • I C Butts
  • Marge Terrell

    Please see my comment above and you can read it here online what the other POW’s have to say about this Traitor and he being the cause of them being POW’s! The others have been on television talking about him plenty of times of times. See: John McCain. SongBird. There several accounts from the others!

    • MAGA68

      Really??? A FOUR YEAR OLD POST and you just responded???

      Wow. You need to get out more.

  • Marge Terrell

    The POW’s with him say that he was hot dogging the plane and was not supposed to be in that territory and he caused the plane to land upside down in a tree, hence his injuries, when they found out his Dad is an Admiral, he most of his time as an POW in the Hospital.