Unbelievable! Democrats blaming sequester for plane crash in San Francisco

square-large-looneyDemocrats are blaming sequester for the San Francisco plane crash. You know, it’s really sad. Democrats and leftists have to play politics, no matter what the tragedy is. They did it immediately after the Adam Lanza slaughter, and now they are playing politics with with the plane crash in San Francisco. Former Democrat Rep. Peter Stark and current California state Rep. Eric Swalwell have already come out and blamed the plane crash on the sequester cuts. You know, the sequester cuts that Obama demanded by in the debt ceiling deal back in 2011? The idiot Eric Swalwell represents California’s 15th congressional district which covers Santa Clara County. There are also self proclaimed ‘progressive’ users on Twitter blaming the sequester for the plane crash:

Eric Swalwell is really a piece of shit.

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