CNN shame on you signs in Egypt & protests in New York

CNN Shame on you signs have popped up all over Egypt. I guess the Egyptians are finally learning what Americans have learned in recent years. CNN sucks and has a bias towards Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood. Several Egyptian protesters were spotted carrying CNN Shame on you signs and even CNN in the Muslim Brotherhood logo. This proves that the average Egyptian protester is already smarter than an American progressive liberal Democrat.

CNN Shame on you signs in Cairo Egypt
CNN Shame on you signs in Cairo Egypt – Image credit Newsbusters

Here’s my favorite – CNN merged with the Muslim Brotherhood logo:

CNN Shame on you signs in Cairo Egypt
CNN logo merged with the Muslim Brotherhood logo – Image credit Newsbusters

Apparenrly, this CNN Shame on you started from this causes petition:

You should be ashamed of yourself. Your coverage of the revolution was totally biased in favor of the MB, just like your Government.

Egyptians get it, why are so many clueless Americans still unconvinced about CNN’s bias?

It’s gotten so bad for CNN in Egypt that according to Twitchy, CNN reporter Ben Wedeman can even go out and cover the protests against the Muslim Brotherhood:

If you do a search on Twitter for ‘CNN Shame on you Muslim Brotherhood’ you’ll get a good idea of the rage the Egyptians have now towards CNN. It’s almost like the left in America’s hatred of Fox News or something. You’ve really got to admire these Egyptian people though. Unlike Americans who let their government spy on their every move, waste our tax dollars, and ram through bills that we hate. The Egyptian people aren’t too distracted by a Kardashian to bother learning what’s really happening in their country.

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  • Hanaa Ramzy

    CNN , stop spreading lies about the Egyptian revolution. You’ve gained more than 85 million enemies in Egypt. Obama Ben Laden, raise your hands away from Egypt. You are supporting terrorists, your hands are spoiled with innocent Egyptian blood.

  • Hanaa Ramzy

    It’s people Revolution , not coup.

  • Ashraf Hanna

    Egyptians have refused to be governed by a MB terrorist president, so stop spreading lies and let our people decide their future.

  • Codewizard

    > It’s almost like the left in America’s hatred of Fox News or something

    No! It’s NOTHING like the left-wing-nut deranged hatred of Fox.

  • kylie


  • Ihsan Soayed

    The Muslim Brotherhood has deliberately sacrificed 40 of its members in an attack launched on the presidential guard complex. The suicidal attack on a military installation was bound to be met with lethal force. The Muslim Brotherhood leadership knew they were putting their followers in harms way yet they chose to do so in a feeble effort to portrait the military as the aggressors hence incriminate the military establishment before the world. However it is a standard operating procedure in all militaries to meet attacks on their establishments using sufficient force. The use of lethal force in most cases in authorized. Conclusion the Muslim Brotherhood leadership are the only ones to blame for the blood spelled today. The military acted as they should and in full adherence to the letter of the law.

  • Ihsan Soayed

    Obama is terrorism

  • Ihsan Soayed

    This is a fact all Egyptians know quite well, CNN , read this

    As for the support of America and
    Israel for these types of systems under the name of delusional democracy and civilian rule (bearded)!!

    It is well known that America does
    not support except the democracy which serves its interests only, and if
    America is suffering pain and sorrow for the term
    democracy in the Arab world, then it was better
    to apply the concept of democracy before the invasion of Iraq, Pakistan
    and Afghanistan and support for Israel in the murder of the Palestinian people
    and its attempt to arm Syrian opposition against Syrian President (elected )!!

    Democratic systems supported by America to every Arab country,
    came against interest of this
    country, in favor of America and its
    allies and their plans to divide and weaken the states and the armies of the
    region (dropping Army of Iraq, dropping Syria Army, split Sudan, .. etc)

    But in fact America is now suffering the pain
    and sorrow not for the sake of democracy but is crying from the shock after
    being slapped by the great army of Egypt in the sudden arouse of the Egyptian people and the failure of
    America’s brazen scheme, planned years
    ago with its little ally!

  • Ihsan Soayed

    Today the Egyptian people have spoken … June 30 and July 3 combined do not compare with
    today , with the superstitious numbers of Egyptians that flowed in the provinces
    Still, the misguidance in Al Jazira, Al Yarmouk and Al Aqsa , spreading lies about Egyptians’ delegation to Al Sissi to combat terrorism
    Mr. Obama, the Egyptian people and army have kicked your ass for the third time in no time. Full Stop

  • Ihsan Soayed

    An image donated to the UNICEF and the Human Rights Organization, showing how the Muslim Brotherhood assassinate the innocence of Egyptian children. Thanks for supporting them.

  • Ihsan Soayed


    John McCain is a menace to American national security and should not be entrusted with the supervision of small animals, let alone be considered the elder GOP statesman on foreign policy.

    Over the past two years, McCain has taken virtually every position with respect to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and repeatedly proved to be catastrophically wrong.

  • Ihsan Soayed

    These are the peaceful MB terrorists you’re supporting

  • Ihsan Soayed

    Americans , MB deeds in Egypt exceeded far beyond your imagination. Thanks to Obama’s administration and his CNN.

  • Ihsan Soayed

    This is one of the 13 churches burned ( till now ) by your terrorists Mr. Obama. How can you support them with relieved conscience ?

  • Ashraf Hanna

    Look at yourself Obama before advising anybody

  • Ihsan Soayed

    In the middle of Ramses square in Cairo, a terrorist attaches an image of Usama bin Laden, the Al Qaeda leader who was killed by America, and surprisingly they did not demonstrate or camp in a sit – in in any areas of the world when Barack Obama killed their leader Usama bin Laden. It is our duty today to dedicate this picture to U.S. President sponsor of terrorism, and we ask why you want to spread terrorism in all parts of Egypt at the time you assassinated the leader of Al-Qaeda and killed hundreds of thousands in Afghanistan ?

  • Ihsan Soayed

    A message to US administration

  • Ihsan Soayed

    The criminal terrorist group of the Muslem Brotherhood killed yesterday in Sinai the Egyptian soldiers (24 soldiers . Please stop immediately supporting MB in Egypt and if you care so much for these terrorists we can send them to your country right away . we know for sure that you do not want terrorists in your country! Also we don`t want these killers in Egypt. therefore our decision to clean our country is a an Egyptian decision 100% Egyptian.

  • Ihsan Soayed

    Alexandra Kinias
    According to CNN, 25 Egyptian soldiers DIED in Sinai.

    Excuse me CNN, the soldiers didn’t DIE of natural causes. They didn’t drown while swimming. They didn’t jump off a cliff. However, the bus that was carrying the 25 unarmed, off duty soldiers was ambushed by the MB Terrorists and they were executed in cold blood.

    CNN, you need to evaluate your definition of the word DIE – Shame on you and your reporting ………..

  • Ihsan Soayed

    This is a pic of the massacres against muslims in Burma. I wonder why the US didn’t plan an attack over there ,in the name of human rights or democracy?