Joshua Chellew beaten, killed by four blacks in Georgia – media silent

cbs-nbc-abc-obama-logosJoshua Chellew was a 36 year old Georgia man who gave a ride to a 19 year old female friend to a Chevron station in Mableton Parkway. That would prove fatal as four blacks jumped Joshua Chellew, beat him unconscious, tossed him in to traffic, and got run over and died. This is yeat another fine example of national media bias. If the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case is so big because of the ‘race’ factor, then why in the hell isn’t the Joshua Chellew murder in Georgia newsworthy in the national media? Four black ‘teens’ have been arrested, but if you read the NBC Atlanta news report, you wouldn’t know the four thugs were black:

19 year old Jekari Oshay Strozier, 18 year old Antonio Shantwan Pass, 18 year old Johnathan Donald Anthony, and 18 year old Kemonta Bonds, all from Mableton, are in the Cobb County jail without bonds on charges of felony murder, aggravated assault and violation of the Georgia Street Gang Act.

Instead, the biased NBC network just describes them as ‘teens.’ The video in which the reporter describes the thugs shows them to be black, but no mention from the reporter about the racial component.

Joshua Chellew beaten, killed by four blacks in Georgia – media silent

I’m really sick and tired of this double standard. Why isn’t the Joshua Chellew getting national media attention? The media makes excuses for Trayvon Martin because George Zimmerman was a ‘wanna-be cop.’ Chellew did nothing to provoke these black thugs, yet gets killed and no coverage.

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  • Unlicensed Dremel

    Justice for Joshua!

    • Trayvon Zimmerman

      Justice for Jekari!

      • Newness

        You are as dumb as can be. Go cause problems in Zimmermans area

  • unbiased

    shut the fuck up ‘black thugs’? suck my dick both are fucked up situations cracker

    • aliswell

      “Cracker?” Yet you call yourself “unbiased?” Classic.

      Clean up your filthy mouth.

      • Trayvon Zimmerman

        Shut your pie hole or ill come duck your pretty little mouth.

        • aliswell

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          • Trayvon Zimmerman

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          • Tim Chrisolm

            What the hell is your problem? POd b/c of what happened today. Its life, you don’t always get what you want so deal with it. And that kinda attitude you have is EXACTLY what put Travon Martin in the ground. Ya get pissed and the first thing that comes to mind is fighting. There are those that wont put up with ya horse shit. Just ask Travon.

          • MVC

            That is some serious labia. Might wanna get them trimmed.

          • MVC

            Oh, and another thing. You might wanna keep the whole 8.5 thing to yourself. It doesn’t help with that myth.

  • Patriot

    media coverage doesnt matter, because the media only shows what it wants so it can capitalize off the fear, ignorance and anger of the public. people die every day, both black, white asian, latino etc and statistically speaking, someone in the world is dying as I type this. so its not that trayvons death is more important, but its just what the media chooses to highlight.

  • Tz

    I suspect this case isn’t getting attention because Chellews friends and family isn’t asking for it like Trayvon’s did.

    Chellew was a 36 year old man with a 19 year old woman at 2:00 am. Something sketchy there.

    The thugs are in jail. The family might not want any more attention on the case.

  • Trayvon Zimmerman

    Who gives a fuck? A grown 36 year old man should be able to defend himself against teenagers. If he couldn’t, that’s his fault. Trayvon on the other hand was just a kid being harassed by a wannabe cop with a gun. White people should pay for not hundreds but thousands of years of slavery of black people. The time has come.

    Project Mayhem is upon us.

    Can you count suckas?

    • ^dumbass

      18 year olds are men not children. very few 36 year olds could hold their own against 4 able bodied adults jumping him. wise up.

      • bet0001970

        Chuck Norris could.

        • Simcoe

          Jack. Bauer. nuff said.

    • Nan

      Perhaps you should look to Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries where slavery is still legal, then turn your eyes to history, so you can learn that black men enslaved black people and sold them to the slavers who brought them to this country.

    • RKae

      Your claim that you can take down four attackers has won you the Internet Tough-Guy Award for today! Let’ hear your acceptance speech!

    • RKae

      So now it’s “thousands of years”? Damn. That’s a lot. Give it another couple of years and we’ll start hearing from folks like you that the black man’s been enslaved for MILLIONS of years! And, really, think about your “thousands of years” worldview there for a moment: any people that can be enslaved for thousands of years really need to examine why they’re such chronic victims.

    • A-K Dan


    • copper

      Hey Scmuck. The first official slave owner was BLACK. Anthony Johnson sued to have John Casor found as a slave instead of an indentured servant.way back in 1654 the Court of Northhampton, Va. Check it out yourself and then explain to me how your are gonna make all those black slave owners and black slave traders pay.

    • B…

      And in which African country would you rather have been born?

    • sick of it

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      • Bring It!

        I am right there with you!
        15 to 1 – I like those odds!

    • Tim Keller

      you should be put in chains. it’s people like you that make me second guess Lincoln.

    • Rex

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    • Your a Idiot!

      Oh Hell I wish there would be a Race War as all the Niggers would be gone!
      Do you not know that Whites and Hispanics outnumber Blacks by 15 to 1 you Moron!
      Let’s get it started!

      • johnya

        And the cherry on top is that all the gays, Hollywood and Democratic elites will be on the losing side also. White union workers will brake ranks with the Dem’s and fight with the winning side.

    • retired4ever

      You are obviously well educated (not). You’ve got to be kidding me with the 36 year old vs 4 teens (all 18 plus); could you do it? Maybe you should run to the streets and riot since you didn’t like what someone wrote.

      You’re sharp like a pillsbury doughboy!

    • Avspatti

      Trayvon was 17 years old, and these guys were teenagers-FOUR of them. Four against one will probably win every time. Get real.

      In addition, black African men were sold into slavery by OTHER BLACK AFRICAN MEN. Why not educate yourself on this?

  • dirty deeds

    That’s why i’ve boycotted all these obama by outs media zombie freaks. Get the news from Mark Levin.

  • Observer

    Psssh sorry but with those names I would have known they were Black smh

  • Don’t Need A Name

    I could tell by the names that they were black

  • Newness

    It’s funny seeing all these people defending Trayvon but saying this guy deserved it because he should have been able to beat up 4 teens..
    Trayvon was a piece of garbage who had been doing dirt and attacked someone because they were onto him and paid the price. Our world is safer and better without him in it.

  • Squiter

    Why is it relevant that they were black, really??

    • ArmedAmerican

      WHY is it relevant that Zimmerman wasnt black?

    • Strommoro

      Why was RACE relevant in the Zimmerman Trial?

  • Morris65

    Chellew probably gave these fine, upstanding young citizens a “hard stare”. One lesson learned from the Zimmerman/Martin fiasco is that looking at a black man in what he considers the “wrong” way is grounds for justifiable homicide.

  • chad

    if only Joshua had a way to defend himself.

  • Yo masta

    stupid niggers

    • Your Worst Nightmare

      I fathom to believe that someone with your 10 foot tall and bullet proof attitude that you so easily spew with stupidity, racism, hatred and ignorance hasn’t been taken for a ride that you didn’t return from. Easy for you to run your big mouth behind your keyboard and computer screen, however, I highly doubt that you’d have the balls to do that as you walk down the street. If you did, you probably wouldn’t be here spouting off to everyone.

      • David Caskey

        That is a fascinating response. All that yo masta did was to use a common rapper term, a term I hear everyday. Then you tell him that if he said that on the street, he could expect a violent response. Thus you confirmed the fact that black people are incapable of taking an insult or understand that someone may use a word that they commonly use. This is fairly racist behavior on your part. It also points up the fact that blacks will use violent methods that might result in death and thus vindicates the concerns that Zimmerman had. Now, I don’t feel that yo masta should have used this term or phrase, but at the same time, your attitude is troubling. Perhaps if we expected more from the black community and demanded it, then they would be able to advance and assume a productive role in our society.

        • Your Worst Nightmare


          I think you took my post totally wrong. i did I am one of the most un-racist people you could ever want to know. i was not talking about any people of color with my response. Some of my best friends and business associates are black people and people of color. I used to live in the South Side of Chicago. I have always liked all people until they have given me reason not to. The point to my response to “yo masta” was that after reading many of his posts and responses it seemed to me that the only thing he cared about was seeing how many people he could upset by his ignorance. I did not agree with the Zimmerman verdict, but that was the jury’s decision and they have to live with it. my heart definitely went out to Martin’s family and based on that I joined their foundation. I apologize to you for maybe not expressing myself in terms easier understood, but please know, this woman isn’t racist and never has been.

          • yo momma

            “after reading many of his posts and responses”

            This was my first post, so you are a liar.

            I have black friends too, and there are lots of good black folk, but then again, there are niggers, lots of them. Violent pieces of shit that should be exterminated instead of given 3 hots and a cot.

    • Guest123789

      Go away you liberal plant. You aren’t nearly as smart as you think you are. It’s easy to tell when a lefty is posing as a conservative. He is finally able to let loose the hatred that is secretly in his heart.

  • 1MegaBeast2

    Obama wants to talk away the white man’s right to defend himself against negroes who commit nearly ALL violent crimes.

  • 1MegaBeast2

    I am Joshua Chellew

  • Eugenio Pizarro

    Agree! Its a double standard.

  • Clinton

    I guess the difference is that the 4 were arrested and charged, not sure how anybody is seeing a correlation between this and the Trayvon case. The media hype on the Trayvon/Zimmerman case started specifically because there was no arrest. Had they arrested Zimmerman and the grand jury had (back before the hype) decided not to proceed it probably would have never become what it is now.

    • Avspatti

      If a Grand Jury had decided not to prosecute, things would have been just as they are now. Of course there was no
      Grand Jury because the prosecutor skipped that step.

  • DesertRatPunkMetaller

    F’ing savage scum.

  • Myra Doolittle

    Joshua did not deserve to die like this. The difference is that the suspects in Joshua’s case were arrested. Zimmerman would not have been arrested without public outcry.

    • steveday72

      No Myra. The real difference is that Zimmerman was defending his life from an attack by a thug just like these four and should never have been arrested!

  • Mr g

    Unlike the Zimmerman case they didn’t release the murders and close the case. Joshua is getting justice. The guys tht killed him are in prison and will remin there for life. Is here something more the justice system should be doing?

  • Roderick Bateman

    Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white. /watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og

  • Slap it good

    Racism is perfectly natural and normal. Any race would rather hang with others from their own race. That’s why there are white neighborhoods, black ones, Asian, etc. So what?

    • L & R

      Yup! Logic & Reason.

    • Avspatti

      I don’t think that is necessarily racism. It is more like tribalism. Being with people you are comfortable with is not racism unless you act out against others.

    • robinnj

      answer me this, WHY are those black and hispanic neighborhoods SO violently crime ridden? You don’t have to have money to keep your neighborhood clean? Their neighborhoods could be just as nice as upscale white areas. BUT they are not. So what is the problem? Also, George was NOT guilty. There was NO racism except the NBS doctored and edited tape that MADE it appear there was. YOU have fallen for it by your comments.

    • whnp

      I saw this first hand at a public hospital where I worked that opened up a temporary clinic on a hospital floor that used patient rooms as waiting areas. There were no signs identifying the rooms as “Black Waiting Room” or “White Waiting Room” and no one was directing patients where to sit but all the patients self-selected by race/ethnicity and sat in four separate rooms – black, white, Hispanic and Asian. It was interesting to witness.

  • another_engineer

    Where is Al Sharpton ?

  • Case and Point

    No one deserves to be a victim of unprovoked violence, no matter what color. My heart goes out to the family of Joshua Chellew. My feeling is that his attackers will be charged and sentenced to most severe extent of the law. Justice will be served for Joshua. On the other hand, no matter how you feel about the Zimmerman/Martin case, Zimmerman is now a free man. The jury has spoken. So everyone is upset because of the lack of attention to this case? That is the media’s doing, controlling the emotions of our society. So don’t look at the amount of or lack of attention a story is getting. What matters is the outcome.

  • bigCohen

    Those 4 black teens wre arrested without a protest, and they are going to prison for their actions, unlike Zimmerman. If they were set free for any reason, the media will over it and people will protest for justice for the victim Chellew. The whole Martin saga would have never been in the press had the Sanford police department done their job as well as the Georgia police department did theirs.
    Those teens belong in jail, as do Zimmerman.

  • robinnj

    Clearly GOOGLE is suppressing this story. YOU are hard pressed to find it by search engine. I will keep it alive and pass it along.

  • nicholasi

    The Kike-Media grants Nigger thugs Nigger Privilege

  • john demirjian

    Trayvon is a dead negro. He got what he deserved under the law.

  • jbear

    I wonder how the country will be divided on this one??? How did that white guy, or white people, or slavery, or poverty, or prejudice against blacks make these guys commit this crime for which they are not responsible? Blacks are never at fault no matter what!

  • jbear

    I wonder how the country will be divided on this one??? How did that white guy, or white people, or slavery, or poverty, or prejudice against blacks make these guys commit this crime for which they are not responsible? Blacks are never at fault no matter what!

  • ytdontplay

    This happens daily. Real white folks know about the bias news media. This too, will come to an end . Good will triumph evil or the evil will eat its own.

  • JibberFU


  • mackykam

    If their color is not listed it’s because being black and a criminal is a God-given. If perps were white media would blare the color because of its unusual circumstance.