Trayvon Martin protest in Oakland smashes cop car

Trayvon Martin protests in Oakland might be getting out of hand. Cop cars have been smashed. The following is a picture of one cop car attacked by Trayvon Martin protesters spray painted with ‘kill pigs’ and ‘fuck cops':

Not just cop cars now:

We’ll see if this gets worse. There’s your typical Northern California thugs in action. You’ve really got to love the Oakland/San Francisco school system. They are creating such valuable members of society aren’t they? Frankly, I’m amazed these thugs can even spell kill, fuck, cops or pigs.

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  • Conrad2010

    I knew People of Cali, riot.

    It’s crap such as this that makes me sorry
    for being a member of the Human race.

  • J

    …speaking of uneducated.

  • OldmanRick

    Some mat call me crazy or a conspiracy nut. Regardless, this entire outrage thingy over the Martin and Zimmerman trial is being orchestrated by Marxists, the CPUSA, and our very own Marxist media to divide the country along racial lines, instigate a blood bath, and enforce martial law upon the land. Groups like the NAACP, MB, DOJ, the divisive brat, CAIR, Soros, and Ally Sharpton – race baiter, and shake down artist extraordinaire- are fanning the flames. What better way to destroy the US than have ethnic groups killing each other. We would have anarchy at its worst. Russia, China, NK, and certain elements in the middle East would be ecstatic if we began to destroy ourselves from within.

    If memory serves, Rahm Emmanuel said: “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Well, we are in crisis if we let the inmates run the asylum. So sit back, remain calm, and rethink how this entire travesty came to be constantly in the public’s eye. That old saying about telling a lie loud and long enough eventually gains credence. So what individuals or groups benefit if the US fails.

    Also, tell me again how this PC(Social Marxism) and diversity thingy is working out since these are two of the very reasons we have so many social problems.

    OK, so how do we resolve this travesty? America wins by us not playing this stupid race game.

    • Sulli159

      I was going to say that but thanks for doing it for me and your all inclusive comment bout sums it up.

      • OldmanRick

        Your avatar speaks volumes. Need I say more?.

    • blessedtruth

      Nothing conspiracist about truth OMT!

  • blessedtruth

    California. Home of whore Nancy Peelowsi? Home of mixed nuts and fruits? Who gives a damn? Should slide into Pacific Ocean. No loss whatsoever!

  • PBMaxx

    let the wildfires burn that whole state