Watch: Larry Elder schools snotty Brit Piers Morgan

piers-morgan-limeyPiers Morgan challenged Larry Elder to a debate tonight on his little watched show. Larry Elder accepted Piers Morgan invitation I guess so he could school him on race. The ‘debate’ was awesome. It was the typical arrogance of Piers Morgan against the shear truth of Larry Elder. Morgan came off as not only his usual arrogant self, but also with disdain against the black man. Piers Morgan, like other white liberals disdain of the black man is selective though. Any black man who strays away from the liberal plantation is considered a ‘traitor’ or ‘uncle tom’ by leftists like Morgan.

Larry Elder schools snotty Brit Piers Morgan

All Piers Morgan could whine about is why Rachel Jeantel is dumb. At the conclusion of the ‘debate’ check out the pissy face Piers Morgan makes after he gets througly schooled by the off the planataion black man. Not a good day for the arrogant Brit.

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  • badbadlibs

    That was just awesome to watch. Anytime PM can be exposed as to the level of idiocy he possesses is a good thing!

  • CBFordz

    Hey Piers, GZ killed TM for beating the shit out of him, not for walking down the street with a bag of Skittles. Idiot.

    And if your teenage boy was beating the shit out of me, I’d shoot him without thinking about it twice

  • jack43

    Schooling Piers Morgan is an enormous waste of time. He will simply dismiss whatever anyone says that is disagreeable to him by dismissing the person who utters it. More unfortunately, Larry Elder probably brought his audience with him, one that is vastly larger than Piers can attract on his own. Why don’t we stop giving Piers what he wants. Stop watching these clips of him making a fool of himself. If you want to see Larry Elder, watch Larry Elder. Read his writings. Follow him on he Internet. Just avoid him and anyone else in the context of an appearance with Piers.

  • J J Willmann

    Why is it everyone raving about the fact that Trayvon Martin was only 17. When he was pounding George Zimmerman’s head into the pavement should Zimmerman have asked him his age before he defended himself? Would the people like Morgan and that inane Beckel on Fox like to risk a brain injury?
    And as for Rachel Jeantel being a smart cookie – maybe she is, but she certainly did not come across as one on the stand. And Piers Morgan is an ass as usual!