Ahmed Abu Khattalah – who is he?

Ahmed Abu Khattalah the Benghazi Militia Leader is the first Muslim terrorist to be charged (11 months later.) But who is Ahmed Khattalah aside from the new face of the Benghazi terrorist attack? For one, Ahmed Abu Khattalah is the dude who you heard about sitting in the hotel sipping on a strawberry frappe.

Ahmed Khattalah or Ahmed Abu Khattalah is a 41 year old Muslim who was seen during the Benghazi attack. He was interviewed by the NY Times and Reuters back in October 2012. Khattalah denied being a part of the militia, but “he was friendly with the group and knew its membership well.”

While not a member of Al Qaeda, Khattalah is a big fan of them. He said that he would be proud to be associated with their “puritanical zeal for Islamic law.”

Ahmed Abu Khattalah was also a part of the militia that was against and eventually took out Libyan dictator Gadhafi. Basically, we armed Ahmed Khattalah to fight Gadhafi. While there are no reports (yet) if those same weapons were used in the Benghazi consulate attack, I think it’s pretty likely they were.

Finally, Ahmed Abu Khattalah is the leader of the Libyan Ansar al-Sharia militia which promotes ideology similar to Al Qaeda. This same Ansar al-Sharia is what Obama, McCain, Lindsey Graham and other war mongers want to ‘arm’ for thier fight in Syria.

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