Leon Coffee – black rodeo clown wore Hillary Clinton mask in 2008 – media-race hustlers silent

obama-rodeo-clown-jpgLeon Coffee is a black rodeo clown in San Antonio Texas. In 2008 he wore a Hillary Clinton mask during one of his ‘routines’ at a rodeo in San Antonio. Not a word from feminists, race hustlers, or anyone was uttered after this and rightfully so. But if a white rodeo clown wears an Obama mask is racist, wouldn’t a black man wearing a Hillary Clinton mask during the same situation be sexist AND racist too?

Of course Leon Coffee isn’t a racist or a sexist. He’s just a rodeo clown. But the double standard of progressive liberal Democrat hypocrisy is so thick you can cut with a knife.

Leon Coffee wore the Hillary Clinton mask back on February 5, 2008 during the sixth night of the 59th annual stock show and rodeo at the AT&T Center in San Antonio.

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  • Modres

    Amazing how far out of touch progressives are, which simply shows they’re not at all progressive. They’re REgressive.

    • CPM

      Thin skinned, hypocritical bunch of Nancy-boys if you ask me.

      • Tyler Balstad

        Good thing I’m a thin-skinned democratic socialist who thinks that the punishment of this rodeo clown is beyond egregious… Just because some of the people censuring this fellow align as democrats doesn’t mean that all democrats think it’s right, or even acceptable. That would be as outrageous as me thinking that all conservatives abhor gay marriage and eat roadkill.

        • bobvedari

          Wow – a lib with a sense of proportion? A willingness to see people as individuals? I’m guessing you don’t get invited to many liberal parties as you don’t seem to be sucked in by the liberal mind suck meme. Are there more people like you back home? How come we never heard from people like you during the run-up to Messiahcare when Pelosi was calling people like me “astroturf” and The Messiah was telling people like me to get out of the way? We could have used a few liberal voices who actually had brains instead of being mind-zombies for Obama and Pelosi.

    • kentatwood

      Were you trying to make a point? If so I think you lost me.

      Let me just set the record straight:

      Having a rodeo clown wear any public figure mask and running them down with bulls = not okay

      Burning/hanging/tar and feathering someone in effigy = not okay

      Wearing a mask for halloween = okay

      Pretending you don’t know the difference = not okay

      Saying since someone else did it and got away with its okay = not okay

      • Modres

        Gee I’m sorry you got lost.

        Thx for sharing your thoughts. I’m assuming then that you protested loudly in 1994 when the rodeo clown wore a Bush mask. Thx for that.

        Regarding my point, I simply think it’s a lot of hullabaloo over nothing.

        It’s not wrong and it’s certainly not egregious.

        BTW, in my book, burning someone in effigy has nothing to do with donning a mask and being chased by a bulk. This was a rodeo CLOWN and was meant in good fun.

        I cannot think of an instance of burning someone in effigy or tar and feathering someone can be confused with comedy.

        Wearing a mask of Obama on Halloween…I’m thinking if I – as a white man – wore an Obama mask, I could see some people having a problem and I can hear the race card being used. Why? Becuz political correctness has created a society of hyper-sensitive people.
        Far from setting the record straight, you’ve simply offered your unasked opinion to ME.

        My comment was my opinion directed to no one in particular. Would have preferred you leaving it that way.

        • Tyler Balstad

          “Amazing how far out of touch progressives are, which simply shows they’re not at all progressive. They’re REgressive.” <– You mean that is an opinion someone asked for?

          • Modres

            No Tyler. Considering it was the very first response, it was simply a general offhand comment to no one in particular. Like kentatwood, you chose to read it, take it personally, and then respond to it.

          • Tyler Balstad

            That response literally makes no sense, because you’re discussing who it was “addressed to” while I’m discussing if anybody “asked for it.” Just as well, you choosing to say it was directed at no specific person is malarkey because progressive is a term that a lot of people use to classify themselves. It wouldn’t follow for me to say “Conservatives should eat shit and die (disclaimer I don’t think this),” and then tell someone who was offended not to take it personally because it was an offhand comment directed towards nobody in particular.

          • Modres

            Okay Tyler, let me try this one more time then I have to let it go because I don’t have time for it.

            I made a post that was – yes – directed GENERALLY toward progressives, but not directly toward any particular progressive. It was meant as a categorical statement that speaks to the overall focus of a particular group or ideology of people.

            You read it and apparently were offended which means you place high value in my posts.

            Your comment – about conservatives eating excrement and then dying – is NOTHING like my comment. The two don’t even compare at all.

            In mine, I was making a general observation about progressivism itself. I was not wishing death on anyone nor was I insulting people for the sake of insulting them. My comment was an observation based on personal experience and reading what progressives say as well as knowing the history of the progressive movement.

            If you actually made that statement about conservatives (instead of just using it as an example) I would NOT be offended at all. The comment says more about you than me or anyone else.

            I stand by my comment that in general, progressives are out of touch (my opinion) and I believe the policies they believe in are actually REGRESSIVE because in general, progressivism seeks to thwart freedom of speech, the 2nd Amendment, the 4th Amendment, etc. This is REGRESSIVE and illegal.

            The NAACP believes that what the rodeo clown did was a hate crime. Nonsense. That claim is based solely on emotional virtue, which is the corner stone of political correctness (Cultural Marxism).

            I firmly believe that generally speaking, progressivism and leftism are killing our society with their penchant for political correctness.

            Of course anyone can disagree with my statement. It’s fair game. They can even be offended by it if they choose to be.

            YOUR comment about conservatives is simply a statement that does NOTHING but create discord. It’s not a statement of opinion that can be based on anything truthful. It’s simply and plainly an insult. Nothing more and nothing less.

            It in no way compares with the substance of my statement. If it offends you, that’s on you, not me because I fully believe (and can show) that progressivism does nothing but remove the freedoms in society and for the individual that are guaranteed under the Constitution and specifically, the Bill of Rights.

            Think what you want, Tyler. I’m absolutely done with this because I have too many irons in the fire. Study some history. Read the writings of A. Gramsci, G. Lukacs, Adorno, and other Marxists who came together for one purpose: to destroy Christianity and the values that America was originally built on. This started with Woodrow Wilson and his Marxist chief advisor, Edward House. House gave us the 16th Amendment and under Wilson’s watch, America got the Federal Reserve. Both of these things began an all-out attack on the Constitution that has not let up since.

            This is why “progressivism” is ill-named because far from being progressive, it is fully regressive.

        • kentatwood

          I’m sorry I missed a rodeo that was held 20 years ago but I assure you I would not have been happy seeing a rodeo clown in a Bush Sr. mask being chased around by a bull while the announcer was getting the audience worked up saying “Bush is the real clown he just doesn’t know he is one. We’re going to stomp on Bush”
          I’m sorry if anyone thinks a white man wearing an Obama mask on Halloween is racist but I’m not sure how that makes me the one using the race card.
          You say your comment was directed at no one in particular but then you call Progressives REgressive. Your whole comment was a personal insult. Not an insult to me though since I happen to be a moderate.

          • Modres

            I’m sorry that you feel the need to continue this discourse.

            Progressives are the ones who started flapping their gums about this incident even attempting to portray it as a hate crime.

            I posted a comment directed to progressives in general. You say you’re moderate therefore it doesn’t apply to you does it. Yet you chose to stand in the gap for progressives everywhere.

            I never accused you personally of being racist. Are you sure you’re not progressive?

            Think what you want. I don’t care. You weren’t even here when I made that first comment. In essence I was talking to an empty room.

            You do realize that we are not going to come to terms on this right?

  • HeftyJo

    But Romney put a dog on top of his car….

  • georgebush12

    just goes to show you white republicans are just any nasty as anybody else.

  • kentatwood

    I don’t think wishing another human being harm exactly puts you on higher moral ground. However you are correct in that there is nothing illegal about it as long as you don’t actually threaten physical harm.
    I’m sorry I made you sad when I said people should treat each other with respect. It certainly isn’t the law, just basic human decency.