Leon Coffee – black rodeo clown wore Hillary Clinton mask in 2008 – media-race hustlers silent

obama-rodeo-clown-jpgLeon Coffee is a black rodeo clown in San Antonio Texas. In 2008 he wore a Hillary Clinton mask during one of his ‘routines’ at a rodeo in San Antonio. Not a word from feminists, race hustlers, or anyone was uttered after this and rightfully so. But if a white rodeo clown wears an Obama mask is racist, wouldn’t a black man wearing a Hillary Clinton mask during the same situation be sexist AND racist too?

Of course Leon Coffee isn’t a racist or a sexist. He’s just a rodeo clown. But the double standard of progressive liberal Democrat hypocrisy is so thick you can cut with a knife.

Leon Coffee wore the Hillary Clinton mask back on February 5, 2008 during the sixth night of the 59th annual stock show and rodeo at the AT&T Center in San Antonio.

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