Jesse Jackson on killing of Chris Lane – ‘it’s frowned upon’

jesse-jackson-in-hoodie-jpgJesse Jackson of the race hustling grievance industry made a comment on Twitter about the three black thugs killing Australian Baseball player and student Chris Lane. According to Jesse Jackson, the killing by three black thugs is ‘frowned up.’ Seriously, this also Jesse ‘hymietown’ Jackson could muster after his race hustling during the whole George Zimmerman debacle.

Oh, and it’s ‘senseless violence’ or something to Jackson. The killing of Chris Lane who just was out jogging by three black thugs who killed ‘for the fun of it‘ is senseless violence according to Jackson. George Zimmermam defending himself against Trayvon Martin bashing his head into the cement? That’s totally a hate crime and racist. It’s too bad leftists haven’t ‘frowned upon’ Jackson. They are so stupid they can’t see the hypocrisy of their messiahs in the greievance industry like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

No jackass Jackson, it’s not ‘senseless violence.’ It’s a senseless murder, the taking of an innocent man’s life who was just out for a jog. Jesse Jackson’s corrupt son should be frowned upon. Chris Lane didn’t provoke these three black thugs in any way. Chris Lane wasn’t pounding one of these black thug’s head into the cement. Chris Lane had no contact with these black thugs aside from taking aa bullet and dying ‘for fun.’

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