Ayo Kimathi aka Irritated Genie and DHS worker calls for mass murder of whites

obama-laughingAyo Kimathi aka the Irritated Genie who runs a blog called ‘War on the Horizon’ is calling for the mass murder of white people and the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of ‘black-skinned Uncle Tom race traitors.’ Oh, and Ayo Kimathi works for Obama at the Department of Homeland Security. What exactly is Ayo Kimathi aka the Irritated Genie job with the DHS? His job is to acquire weapons and ammunition for his employer, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcementat. You just couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. Based on the recent murders of Chris Lane and David Santucci, it looks like Ayo Kimathi aka Irritated Genie plan is going into effect.

Ayo Kimathi is known as the Irritated Genie and runs a website called, “War on the Horizon,” which advocates “the mass murder of whites and the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of ‘black-skinned Uncle Tom race traitors,’” a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hatewatch” blog said.

Because ICE is a law enforcement division of Homeland Security, Kimathi needed official agency permission to engage in “outside activities.”

He obtained said permission by using only the acronym of his website “WOH” and claimed it was entertainment based to sell “videos of concerts and lectures.”

Welcome to Obama’s AmeriKa.

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  • Kevin

    Bring it on spook, You will be the first to go.

  • FAAQ2

    Well Spook since you are only 12-14% of the population and us whitey crackers have 200 million firearms – I suggest you want a war spook – then by all means you will have one- I would like nothing better then denting some primers on you boys – and the rest of your dirtbag gang.. So bring it nigg – WE want to put you out of your misery..

  • soulmaster15

    Make sure you have enough ammo for the millions of intergrated races who want to destroy, blacks are not the only one.

    • Denver Goddess

      If they were integrated they wouldn’t be like this. They’re hostile. We’re turning into India – endless ethnic strife. This is the great diversity we’re told to celebrate.

  • amazingoly

    Get this creep off our payroll today.

  • Denver Goddess

    I’m a crazy azz cracka. Do you wanna funk with me?

    • Curtis Bleu

      LOL – you need to understand what an “a_$ cracka” is…it’s one who engages is homosexual anal sex. That’s right…when Trayvon told his girl friend he was being followed, he thought Zimmerman was a homosexual lunatic stalking him. This caused hormonal rage and the rest is history. Trayvon (technically) engaged in a hate crime himself that went bad.
      The problem black racists have with this one is that Zimmerman was an Obama supporter and not at all a racist (plenty of evidence). Notice the PAST tense “was”. I’m sure Zimmerman has awoken to the reality that his skin pigment erases all he has done to help blacks. As the violence against whites ramps up so does their awareness of this racial issue and groups like Stormfront couldn’t be any happier.
      Irritated Genie “Jesse Jackson on steroids” is causing real issues for the majority of blacks who want nothing to do with this war and desire to escape the cities. Local governments all over are rethinking the demographic changes where they used to welcome people from all races. This isn’t being done in a way that violates any law or “civil rights” but through housing – harrassing landlords with new codes that could put them out of business if they bring in tenants that “create problems”.
      People like Irritated Genie are helping to do what the KKK could never have dreamed – get the coloreds back into cities where they can be controlled, as how the Democrat party did after the Emancipation.

  • ferg

    well said DG

  • 45ACP

    If you let the socialist divide us using race, you are going to loose to them. This is a time when everyone that believes in the Constitution and Bill of Rights should come together. I don’t care if you are black, white, brown, yellow or red. If you are democrat, republican, libertarian, or independent, It doesn’t matter. They will use any excuse to impose martial law on the population. Ever try to stand off a squad of Army Rangers with your favorite AR-15? Get real. The last thing anyone should want is a war of any kind. Those that favor war, extermination, and such, have never been in combat. There is a lot of death on all sides, and no guaranteed winner in the long run! As long as your vote counts use it or loose it.

  • killem all

    inbred go back to the caves where your manufactured race comes from. remember not only do you have to contend with us ya dirty inbred sister fucker, do you actually think all the other colors who live here wont be waiting for your downfall. you apes have given everyone you have come across a raw deal. you really are dumb if you think you wont have to watch your back. in the end you devils will burn. just like the man said its inevitable

    • Infidel51

      Man that is all soooooo scary. Im super terrified by your incoherent internet babbling.

  • killem all

    in denver whores who think they are god get scalped. and i can manufacture my own ammo and ordnance. just like your generic ancestors were. lest all of shaved apes forget we came first, you idolworshipping animal fuckers were last. Hoorah for that brother and he should keep his job just like all the racist whites who infest this country get to go work. iam ready and waitn

  • darbro

    Some of you commenters are beyond stupid and just as much a racist as this DHS employee. Not one intelligent comment here. This Ayo guy is just an excuse for you to trot out your guns and wave them around and talk about ‘bringing it on’,, not that you really need an excuse.

  • Albert Jackson

    Tell those A-Holes to bring it one. It would be a target rich environment.

  • Infidel51

    This guy yoyo is just another internet ninja. Blah blah blah.

  • morality1776

    This has to be a set up.. This country is becoming anti white, anti heterosexual, and anti Christian. There are black mobs attacking white officers in Chicago, and the media says nothing. Race not mentioned at all. The police men are not even allowed to speak on it. If those black mobs attacked black thugs and gang members, maybe Chicago’s inner city would be safer. If the black community keeps propping up ‘whitey’ as the boogeyman nothing will change.

  • John Washington

    Cointelpro agents set up phony organizations to draw out people who might engage in what are considered anti-National Security issues. Agents who go undercover do more dope than the dealers, act wild and crazy, shoot people and encourage others to engage in illegal activities. Go read the article, “How to spot a spy” you will see what I am saying. Legitimate Black Nationalists don’t engage in illegal activities any more than other human rights activists, only crazies and agents do this and agents help promote such so they can eliminate all the activists. Irratated Genie compiled lists when he sold these tapes and videos and believe me all those who bought his material have their names, social security numbers, date of birth, family records and all that now in the hands of secret departments within the F.B.I to be used later to attack them.