Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft undergoes heart surgery

Gateway Pundit blogger Jim Hoft underwent heart surgery this afternoon in St. Louis. According to those who are maintaining the Gateway Pundit in his absence, Jim Hoft’s health is in serious condition. The problem is a blood infection and complications from an infected knee replacement. Last Friday, Hoft had surgery to remove his knee, and that surgery went well. I don’t know Jim Hoft personally, but his blog has always been one of my favorites, even when I first got ‘into’ politics. I’ll be keeping Mr. Hoft in my prayers tonight and the coming days as he battles to recover from his serious health condition. I urge any of you who read this to do the same. We’re praying for you Jim, even out here in LaLa land.

Twitchy has a nice collection of people sending their prayers via social media.

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