Michael Stinnett Navy veteran hospitalized after beating by three black thugs in Boston

Michael Stinnett a Navy veteran studying at Boston University was hospitalized after a brutal beating by three black thugs. Michael Stinnett reportedly suffered a brain bleed and a several bumps and bruises, according to a family member (via CBS Boston). He is being treated at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The three black thugs, who are still on the loose got out of their car and started beating Stinnett. Maybe they were ‘bored.’

Stinnett, who served eight years as a Navy weapons instructor, told police the car stopped after he yelled at the driver to slow down.

A witness told Boston Police that three black males got out of the car and began fighting with Stinnett.

Stinnett suffered a brain bleed, along with several bumps and bruises, according to a family member. He was taken to Brigham and Women’s Hospital for treatment.

Michael Stinnett Navy veteran hospitalized after beating by three black thugs in Boston

Amazing how these black thug attacks continue, and a lot of times it’s three on one, or two on one. Really ‘manly’ of these black thugs.

As usual, the national media is silent. The local CBS story surprisingly mentions that the suspects are black. But that’s about the extend of the lame stream media coverage. No national coverage as usual.

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  • Dis

    I wonder how many more of these stories will follow before racist Obama and Holder finally say something. Seems like they lit the fuse and want it to explode.

    • ItsJulie1964

      Nobody “lit a fuse.” This shit has been going on ever since the days of slavery, especially since we no longer lynch these niggers anymore. Since 1900 feral negroes have slaughtered almost 1 million white Americans, almost 100,000 of us in this century already. They rape white women at a rate of 37,000 a year, or an average of 100 a day. And all of it is racially motivated rape and murder. The niggers have always been like this. The Jew owned media deliberately cover it up because the jews responsible for this sick “multiculturalism” that has been forced on all and only white countries don’t want whitey getting a clue.

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  • FED UP

    Its time to eliminate these feral POS. This type of thing is happening all over the country and they seldom get caught.

  • Bolla

    How about stop trying to be the traffic controller? Car speeds by dial 911 and report the license plate. Why yell anything to anybody let alone a group of hot heads black or white in a car? Though its not right to jump the man, but mind your own business.

  • Going up

    The beating was absolutely wrong….but yelling at a-holes about speeding is not smart.

  • hpeetiep

    If they all were the same race no one would post this or say anything.. We are the ones that makes these black white stories news..

    • ItsJulie1964

      You are an idiot.

  • Captmagnum

    It’s only a racism when a black person is attacked or is the attacker and is stopped with force or verbal abuse

  • maximo12

    shoulda been carrying a gun. oh, he’s in taxachusettes, nevermind

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