Jamal Jackson black thug murders 71 year old Miguel Pilotos – Captured On Surveillance video

obama-in-hoodieJamal Jackson, another black thug in Florida was captured on surveillance video murdering ‘allegedly’ Miguel Pilotos. I’m waiting for the local Miami media coverage (which as been scant as usual) to call Miguel Pilotos a ‘white-Hispanic.’ The widow Aleida Pilotos says her husband was just out buying groceries when the black thug Jamal Jackson ‘allegedly’ murdered her husband. As usual, the national media, the grievance industry, and Obama have remained silence.

“Now I feel free. I give a lot of thanks,” said Aleida Pilotos, who said she and her husband had been married for 25 years and had come to the U.S. from Cuba 19 years ago.

“I am very nervous. I didn’t this incident would happen this way. He was just 17 and he could have done things with his life. It is a disgrace. We are all very sad for the loss. He’s a human being who didn’t deserve this, “ she said.

“He was just going to get groceries,” said Aleida Pilotos. “We need to make justice. This can not be compared. My heart is suffering. I have lost my love. He didn’t deserve to die like that. I’m devastated. What I know is that in this country there is justice.”

“My husband was a hard-working man,” she said.

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