WTF? Shooter reported in Navy Yard on September 15th?

Shooting Military BuildingOh goodie. A conspiracy theory. The FBI and “news” websites had reports have a ‘shooter’ in the Navy Yard in DC a day before today’s shooting happen. On Sunday, September 15th, an AP story posted at ABC and other ‘news’ sites reported on a gunman in the Navy Yard with one victim. Want proof? Check out this screenshot of ABC on Sunday, September 15th posted at The Mad Jewess (via BeforeItsNews)

ABC reports shooter in Navy Yard day before it happens

This same article dated Sunday September 15th even made it into the Canadian newspapers like the Kelowna Daily Courier in British Columbia. Yea, something is very fishy here. The timing of this is just to convenient. Obama’s complete and utter embarrassment by the Russian in Syria, AND two gun grabbing state senators recalled in Colorado in the news before this? Hmm.

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