WTF? Shooter reported in Navy Yard on September 15th?

Shooting Military BuildingOh goodie. A conspiracy theory. The FBI and “news” websites had reports have a ‘shooter’ in the Navy Yard in DC a day before today’s shooting happen. On Sunday, September 15th, an AP story posted at ABC and other ‘news’ sites reported on a gunman in the Navy Yard with one victim. Want proof? Check out this screenshot of ABC on Sunday, September 15th posted at The Mad Jewess (via BeforeItsNews)

ABC reports shooter in Navy Yard day before it happens

This same article dated Sunday September 15th even made it into the Canadian newspapers like the Kelowna Daily Courier in British Columbia. Yea, something is very fishy here. The timing of this is just to convenient. Obama’s complete and utter embarrassment by the Russian in Syria, AND two gun grabbing state senators recalled in Colorado in the news before this? Hmm.

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  • Trevor (@tjexcite)

    The URL says it was a house fire in Ohio. More like incompetence from an automated computer from AP than anything else. The picture on the Kelowna Daily Courier has the right date as the 16th.

    • The Mad Jewess

      Google timestamp says it was on Sept 15th that this was reported.

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  • april_r

    It was miss-dated. Simple as that. Human error. Duh! I wish you wackjobs would stop trying to make a conspiracy out of nothing. This is a horrible incident where people lost their lives, not a political coup. Get real and get your head out of your ass.

    • The Mad Jewess

      That is not really nice–there are 3 different outlets that ALL have the same ‘discrepancy.’

      You should really be nicer to people. We are not wack jobs, we just do not trust things, you should understand this, IF you are American.

      People lost their lives, nobody denied this.

      • april_r

        So now you question my patriotism because I don’t assume a conspiracy everytime something horrible happens in the news? Yeah okay, keep living in your bubble. And enjoy the fact that you don’t trust anybody or anything. That must be a wonderful way to live.
        And for the record, there are plenty of people denying that anyone actually died at the Navy Yard. Just like they deny any of those poor children got killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. I was talking to one of my co workers Friday who actually told me that he didn’t think Sandy Hook actually happened. He thinks it was some kind of ruse to push the gun control agenda. And he probably doesn’t think this actually happened either. I’m tired of you whack jobs taking tragedies and making them into conspiracy to push your own political agenda. People died. It’s a horrible thing and we need to come together as Americans during times like these instead of trying to come up with reasons why things like this push your own political agenda in peoples faces.

        • The Mad Jewess

          You are still really nasty. I only said “IF” you are American. Meaning I didnt know if you were an American citizen or not.

          ‘Political agenda?’

          I tend to leave that to neo-conservatives and Communists.

          Do try being a little nicer if you cant seem to explain why there are not 1, not 2 but 3 reports of this incident taking place, google/time stamped on Sept 15.

          Bless your heart.

        • That Guy

          Where are the bodies April? It would appear that you are the wackjob. Where is the proof for Sandy Hook? Are we suppose to just take their word for it?

          • april_r

            the proof are those poor parents who had to bury their dead children. How dare you question the sincerity of their mourning and their loss. How dare you demand to see the mutilated bodies of children just to satisfy some sick morbid curiosity. You’re a heartless despicable human being.

          • Travis

            So April how can you explain the picture of the litte girl who was supposed to be “dead”… There is a picture of one of the little girls from sandy hook posing with Obama. Do a little research for yourself sometime before you discredit us “whack jobs”

          • Travis


          • april_r

            What the fuck are you talking about? Are you insane? I hope none of your family, friends, or children ever get killed in a mass shooting, because then you’d be the one on the receiving end of all these whack jobs denying the fact that you’re poor child, family member, or friend died.