Allan Brauer resigns after death wishes on Amanda Carpenter kids

Allan Brauer the Communications Chair of the Democrat Party of Sacramento who was elected in June of 2012 has resigned in disgrace. Earlier today, Brauer wished Amanda Carpenter’s children would all die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases. Amanda Carpenter is a speechwriter and senior communications advisor to Senator Ted Cruz. Frankly, I’m a little surprised that Allan Brauer resigned. Usual, filthy Democrats like him get away with such behavior as the media covers it up. I guess this case is too high profile for Brauer to get away with it.

Allan Brauer resigns after death wishes on Amanda Carpenter family

Yea, Sacramento Democrats found it so appalling and inexcusable that they did nothing about. They didn’t fire him. Instead, Allan Brauer resigned in disgrace. Brauer had issues last year on Twitter too, showing his racist side:

Apparently Allan Brauer is gay and married. The dude he married took his last name too. At least Allan Brauer doesn’t speak for all homosexuals. He definitely speaks for and is the face of the progressive liberal Democrat party. He is basically the Dan Savage wing of the progressive liberal Democrat party.

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