Senator Ted Cruz schools obnoxious Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin

As I type this, Ted Cruz is going into his seventh hour of filibustering the funding of ObamaCARE. So far, only one Democrat, the obnoxious Senator from Illinois Dick Durbin had the balls to question Cruz. That turned out to be a very bad idea for Durbin as Cruz absolutely schooled him on the Senate floor.

Senator Ted Cruz schools obnoxious Illnois Democrat Dick Durbin

Notice that Dick Durbin doesn’t answer Ted Cruz’s question about if he would forgo the ObamaCARE Congress exemption and enroll in an exchange.

I support Ted Cruz, defund ObamaCARE!

Here is a more complete video:

Ted Cruz owns Dick Durbin during ObamaCARE funding filibuster

Ouch! No wonder only two House members and three Senators stuck around as Cruz continued his filibuster. All 100 Senators and 435 House members should be present, but they are far too busy like drinking cocktails or playing online poker on their smartphones.

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  • Jim Arndt

    That wasn’t really a schooling … that was a tangent based on rumor. The questions were never answered.

  • Mike

    It’s not a fillbuster.

  • Darrell Griffin

    The schooling came when Cruz responded to Durbin’s remark about “headline tomorrow” that was conveniently cut off by the RCP video right as Cruz was about to respond.

    A response that left Durbin slinking off the Senate floor. If that video ran 12:00 instead of 10:00 and change, all would see it.

  • KitCarson

    Dick Durbin: compared U.S. soldiers to “Nazi storm troopers, Soviet Gulags, and the [Cambodian] Pol Pot regime.

  • Amazingoly

    Senator Durbin has done literally nothing to help Illinois in all it’s problems, mostly financial distress and murders and crime. Would be very pleased to see him hit the exit ramp next year when we need new ideas and leadership. Every Dem who voted for the Obamacare mess needs to go.

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  • labman57

    Teddy “don’t hate me because I’m nuts” Cruz should have channeled his inner Seuss:
    “I don’t know nothing about Obamacare. I can’t be informed, I do not dare.”