Leftists on Twitter issue death threats at Ted Cruz

ted_cruzThe Ted Cruz filibuster pissed off the left so much that they are now issuing death threats at Cruz on Twitter. You know, it’s the typical keyboard cowboy game these cowards play and wouldn’t dare saying anything like this to their face. Lets take a look at just a few example of progressive liberal tolerance, love, peace and getting along:

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  • http://lafayetteangel.com/ Kathleen

    Have these people been suspended yet from twitter? This shouldn’t be condoned.

  • The Don of Ghazaliya

    1st amendment, and the thought of his murder makes my dick hard.

  • Roger

    I served faithfully for more than 20 years for their right to discredit themselves in such a manner. It would be nice if they were to use their right to free speech for more constructive endeavors.

  • Barbara Ann

    The stupid weak lefties cannot stand when someone makes things hard for their asshole King.

  • Barbara Ann

    Go Cruz GO! You have pissed the morons off………you are way up there next to Rush.

  • docb

    No liberal in their right mind would stop cruz from destroying the repub party!