Instead of negotiating Obama hits the golf course again

obama-kingputThere are three things Obama does. He negotiates with Muslim terrorists, vacations and golfs. Otherwise, Obama is as lazy as it gets, as basically Valerie Jarrett is the acting POTUS while lazy Obama kicks back and name calls. Today, again Obama hit the golf course, instead of working with Congress showing exactly how import the gloom and doom of the ‘government shutdown’ really is.

The worst thing about a government shutdown would be that our military wouldn’t get paid. Social security and Medicare checks will still go out, and mail will still be delivered.

If the stupid Republicans could get their messaging right, they could expose Obama for not giving two sh*ts about the American people if the government shuts down. Instead, with washed up RINOs like McCain, Graham, Ayotte, Peter King, etc they are more interested in bashing Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

A government shutdown wouldn’t curtail Obama from golfing.

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