National Park Service threatened to arrest WWII vets for visiting memorial

obama_evil_eyeDuring today’s shameful blocking of the WWII memorial by the Obama regime, the National Park Service, under the direction of the Obama regime threatened to arrest World War II veterans, simply because they visited the memorial in DC. I thought the government was shut down and all those ‘poor’ federal workers were suffering?

Think about this. Obama sent more people with guns to the WWII memorial to fight the veterans than he did to Benghazi to save four American lives.

You suck Barry Obama!

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  • OldmanRick

    It seems the memorial was closed more out of spite by the narcissistic brat rather than necessity. Should anyone ask this memorial belongs to the American people and veterans who paid for it in blood and treasure. Careful dims. Lots of those WWII vets are dims as are their children and their children’s children. Piss them off and you will more than likely find yourself selling flowers on the street corner after midterms. On second thought go for it. Really make jackasses out of yourselves.

    Tell me again how the divisive, disingenuous, narcissistic small community agitator likes, appreciates, and respects veterans and active military cause I don’t buy the BS.

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  • Robb

    This is just shameful. If Obama really had respect for the veterans he would be at the WWII Memorial today and lead those honor veterans in to see the memorial.

    • Fed Up American

      Obama does not give a rats ass about anybody but the power he instills. what a commie!