People in California being told turn in their guns for ObamaCARE

There are a lot of grifters and hippies in California who possibly will sign up for ObamaCARE. If you own a gun, be prepared to answer a questionnaire about it, and in some cases, you will be required to turn in your firearms in exchange for ObamaCARE. Check out this Facebook post that revealed California is now requiring people not only to answer questions if they own firearms, but if they want health care, they must turn the firearms in. This incident happened in Imperial County (in Southern California near San Diego.)

People in California being told turn in their guns for ObamaCARE
People in California being told turn in their guns for ObamaCARE

The story was posted at Weasel Zippers, after a Tweet from someone named @sealystar

Welcome to Obama’s AmeriKa.

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  • Anonymous

    Someone needs to be fired. Direct violation of Section 2716, part C of the ACA. The whole section is meant to protect Second Amendment rights.

    • Penelope210

      HaHaHaHa…good luck with that idea. Apparently government workers no longer get fired no matter what they do wrong. Welcome to Obama’s hope and change. It is called fascism.

  • alwaysthink

    Pure Bull Shit. Why are so many so gullible to believe this kind of nonsense?

    I’m saving thousands on my health insurance next year thanks to Obamacare and our state Exchange of private corporate policies. I have lots of choice including Blue Shield and Blue Cross at prices I can afford.

    The ACA is insurance regulation that is long overdue.

    • WhoMeToo

      Health “Insurance” and Health “Care” are two different things. You can have all the insurance you want, it doesn’t provide you access to health care. Rationed care will be the norm under ObamaCare. For examples see Canada & Europe. Enjoy.

      • Joe Smith

        Yes, people in Canada and Europe do enjoy…longer life expectancy than Americans. If our system is so great, why do we rank 30th in the world (behind all countries with universal healthcare) in life span?

        • WhoMeToo

          I live in a socialized medicine country. I have excellent healthcare, because I have PRIVATE AMERICAN insurance. Enjoy your CommieCare. ~_^

        • Chuck Benedon

          I have friends all over Europe, one is a doctor. Here is how it actually works, there. You get assigned to a single main provider. Don;t like him/her? Go find another, BUT you will have to pay for it, out of pocket. If you want to see a specialist, your doctor MUST refer you.
          A friend of mine in the UK had an ingrown toenail he couldn’t fix. He went to his doctor after waiting 6 weeks to get in, then, he got his referral, called and waited another 8 weeks for that appt, but his job caused him to move from near London to Manchester, where he was assigned a different doctor and he had to start the whole thing over, again. To make a long story short, it took him FOURTEEN MONTHS, to get a toenail fixed. So, I don’t know what the difference is in lifestyle, but it isn’t the healthcare, per se, that gives them longer lives. At the end of the day, you’ll be waiting…and waiting.

    • Chuck Benedon

      who’s gonna pay for that?

  • Joe

    Obama and the out of control seditious Dumbocraps can kiss my white a**. I’m not telling them shi* and they can’t have my guns!

    • Joe Smith

      You’re a dupe falling for a phony article. It’s a Facebook post, do you actually believe those as a news source? Or just when it reinforces your hatred of your fellow Americans who happen to be in a different political party? Nobody’s coming to take your guns away…you’ve allowed yourself to be brainwashed. In fact, most gun “enthusiasts” like you will probably end up with more guns after Obama’s second term ends, since you’ve been buying more firearms, just like the gun manufacturers hoped, due to your paranoia.

      • VT Patriot

        Sorry Joe, I’ve owned guns for over 50 years. I hunt, target shoot, trap shoot and enjoy it. I find it much more rewarding than spending $100+ to watch a sporting event on Saturdays. When you said ‘nobodies coming to take your guns’, you are dead wrong. To know what I’m referring to, put on a uniform and knock on my door to take them. You’ll be delighted to have obamadontcare.

  • bubbler_boy

    If you watched CSPAN investigation into IRS abuse this came up…Obama and IRS scheemed to set up ACA to impose will on people and religious organizations.