Megyn Kelly’s & Kelly File kicking CNN/MSNBC’s ass – 2.8 million viewers on second night

megyn-kellyLooks like Roger Ailes found another winner. Megyn Kelly and the Kelly File had more viewers on it’s second night than it’s premier show. Nearly 2.8 million tuned into the Kelly File on October 8th, with a whopping 623,000 in the important 25-54 demographic. Not only did Megyn Kelly kick CNN & MSNBC’s collective asses, but she also crushed arrogant snob Bill O’Reilly in the 25-54 demographic.

If you combined The Kelly File’s viewers with the live show and the repeat, she ended up with 3.6 million+ viewers. Not bad for her second day on the air with a new show.

In the same time slot, CNN’s hack Piers Morgan couldn’t even muster 600,000 total viewers. Hehehh.

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