Obama sends riot police against veterans – strips away American flag

Welcome to Obama’s AmeriKa. Obama send the riot police out to hassle the 90 year old veterans who marched on DC today. Some riot police even yanked away an American flag from veterans for no reason. WEll, there’s a reason, it’s because of Obama and the Democrat’s hatred of this country. Obama, the Democrats and the cops will be ok though, as no media outlet will cover this.

Riot police strip American flag from veteran DC protester – Image credit: The Shark Tank

There is a video of the clash between Obama’s brown-shirts and the peaceful protesters. Pay close attention, as it’s hard to see as teh riot cop yanks the flag away from a peaceful protester.

There is a video of the clash between Obama’s brown-shirts and the peaceful protesters.

Sunday’s eventful rallies at the WWII, Vietnam Veterans, and Lincoln memorials, not to mention the one that took place in front of the White House, have left a very bad taste in the mouths of Americans, as the Obama Administration deployed riot police to push back the protesters who gathered outside the White House fence. In the picture above, police are seen stripping the American flag from the one of the protesters outside the White House. Rep. Kerry Bentivolo (R-MI) flexed his congressional muscles, instructing police to let people into the the Lincoln memorial. –

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  • Amazingoly

    “Riot police” are playing with fire, as they are few, and we are many. Respect veterans and all Americans.

  • jungledog

    I’m getting a kick out of conservatives just now noticing non-violent dissent is being met with ever more militarized police tactics and equipment. Let me be the first progressive to welcome y’all to the club. In contrast to today’s trend, back in 1972 people in our small college town organized a demonstration against Nixon’s expansion of the war into Cambodia. Munitions trains used to pass through town. People sat on the railroad tracks in an act of civil disobedience demanding no bombs for Cambodia pass through our town. When a train tried to push through the protesters the police chief drew his gun on the engineer to stop him. When Southern Pacific security men and state troopers lined up in preparation to attack protesters, our police department moved en masse placing themselves between the peacefully protesting citizens and the private security men and state troopers. The demonstration ended with the orderly arrest of many times more people than our Andy or Mayberry sized holding cell could ever contain. The arrestees (including a city council member/organizer) then dutifully walked the half mile to the old high school gymnasium for fingerprinting and booking.
    My how times have changed.

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  • anonisgood

    This is a little more grassroots, widespread, and old-school American, than anything coming out of some little commie college town aka fascist machine training ground.

  • anonisgood

    Not that you all weren’t right about Cambodia. Yes Nixon was evil. I just think college town protests do not compare to veterans marching en masse on D.C. These are not college kids.