Philip Chism black teen charged with murder of white math teacher Colleen Ritzer

obama-laughingPhilip Chism could be Obama’s son. Since Trayvon Martin could have been Obama’s son according to him, why not Philip Chism? He is charged in the murder of 24 year old Danvers math teacher Colleen Ritzer. Philip D. Chism was charged by the Essex district attorney as an adult. He was originally reported as a ‘missing child.’ I don’t know how Philip Chism made it all the way to Massachusetts.

Philip D. Chism
Philip Chism – reported in missing Denver, charged in murder of Colleen Ritzer

A 14-year-old arrested in the murder of a 24-year-old teacher in Danvers, Mass., was charged by the Essex district attorney as an adult Wednesday during his arraignment at Salem District Court.

Philip Chism, 14, pleaded not guilty and was held without bail. His defense attorney argued for the proceedings to be closed and her client to be allowed to stay hidden because of his age. The judge denied the request. The judge approved a motion for a mental evaluation

If Obama had a son, he’d murder like Philip D. Chism. More justice for Trayvon, and yet again a racially motivated murder. Shh. Don’t tell the national media about the race of the accused killer. The stories that are out there from the corrupt national media make no mention of Chism’s race. If you reversed this with Philip D. Chism being white and Colleen Ritzer was black, it would get more coverage than the ObamaCARE website failures.

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  • Serco

    Shh! It’s not PC to let the world know the murderous bastard is black!